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The Black Balloon

No description

Alice Neill

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The Black Balloon

By Alice Neill The Black Balloon- The Symbolism of Water and Swimming The Film as a Whole - The water and swimming is used a metaphor based around Thomas's life.

- The scenes are used to show Thomas's life in a broader way.

- The ideas of acceptance and difference are shown in these scenes.

- They helps us understand Thomas's feeling and how him and other characters grow. Film Techniques Techniques include:
- tracking shots
- low angled shots
- high angled shots
- close-ups
- long shots
- mid shots
- cuts Symbolism - Represents Thomas's life
- Drowning is his own responsibilities
- Jackie teaches him how to swim in turn teaching him how to accept Charlie.
- When Thomas learns how to swim and can stay above water this represents his ability to handle his life ad his responsibilities. Film Techniques - The use of bright and harsh light from the sun.
- Most sounds come from the classmates, the water itself or from the music playing in the background. Thanks for watching!
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