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Independent Listening

No description

Caleb Prichard

on 18 August 2018

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Transcript of Independent Listening

Autonomous Listening Projects

The Purpose of Autonomous Listening
Understanding L2 Listening

The most frequently-used skill... but the least practiced?
Useful for building vocabulary, grammar, sociolinguistic competence, pronunciation, etc.
Understanding needed in order to speak (replying or responding).
Teaching Listening
What steps do you use ?
Organizing Listening Projects
Sharing / Submitting
* Planning
* The process: (finding materials >
preview > listen once &
check comprehension > language check
> listen repeatedly > evaluate > review)
* Hints: checking script, online dictionary,
full screen, multiple screens, adjusting
the speed
More practice
In class is not enough....
Reinforce strategies/language learned in class
Different kind of practice
* Student-selected materials
* Different focus
In class: communication
                  strategy training
Out-of-class: repetitive drills
receptive fluency

Why is listening difficult?
(compared to reading)
Goes away (cannot be analyzed, reviewed, you often can't go back )
Fast/ v a r i e d speeds
Various pronunciation (World Englishes)
Varying tones/intonation stress/volume
Nospacebetweenwords / thereareductions
Unorganized discourse (repeated, h-h-esitations, repeated)
More mistake (grammatical, mispronunciation)
Different from written text, yo!
(written text more often studied)
Aspects of listening
receptive (oral) vocab, sentence structure,
discourse conventions
inferring, coping, listening for examples,
quick/smooth processing
My Steps:
1. Preview/predict (Elkhafaifi, 2005)
2. Pre-discussion
3. Listen once for main idea
(or for another authentic purpose)
4. Listen for details/key words (gap fill)
5. Analyze text (e.g. infer word meaning)
6. Discuss (consider/evaluate/relate to
the content)
Why do some teachers/texts...?
...avoid comprehension tasks?
...use subtitles or gap fill for the
first listening (before comprehension)?
...have multiple choice Qs
...pre-teach vocab?
... have no video/visual support?
...avoid authentic speech / NNSs?
Intensive Listening:
> Websites, etc. (authentic or L2)

Extensive Listening:
> Movies, TV shows, Podcasts,
CDs for graded readers

Teachers as curators
* relevance: topic, level, length,
* "fun" activities or interface
* quality (audio & video; pedagogy)
* script
* vocab support or translation
* comprehension tasks
* commenting or ranking
Handout v. Website, SNS, LMS
Organizing: Level, topic, rating
Designing attractively
Notebook/ log
- low tech
- private
- better if not using websites
SNSs (Facebook) or LMSs (Edmodo)
- share (embed) interesting videos
- discuss
- increase rapport
- can also be private
- get data
- can design

Why EL?
+ automaticity
+ enjoyment
+ effects on pronunciation, intonation
- Not for vocab learning?
- Listening w/o reading: not popular
(Waring & Brown, 2004)

* For intermediate learners
While reading (or w/ subtitles or script)
= more comprehension,
vocab acquisition, etc.
(Katchen, 1996; Tsai, 2009)
Why IL
(on websites)?
+ Variety
+ Most have video
+ Short length, user friendly interface >> Easy to review
Repetition = more strategies used, more vocab learned
+ Most have scripts
Scripts = more vocab acquired (Winke, et al., ‎2010)
more popular
Quality: relevant videos?
follow the steps/hints?

My L2 Listening History
As a learner:
  Good in Spanish class… but hated the lab
  Became decent at Japanese by listening to my fam
As a teacher:
Never really learned to teach listening…
  > Teaching, conferences, teacher training,   
       curriculum development
>The Net…
     Started teaching CALL, Independent Study
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