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framing-binary-colonial matrix

orienting questions zizek unknown known

carolina cambre

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of framing-binary-colonial matrix

binary busting fun....


Colbert- Rumsfeld
intelligence vs information
Bush on Rums
epistemic modal logic
some pop culture spin-offs
...and a doc.

Enter Barbie...
don't forget...
Jessica Rabbit...

I am the cultural conversation
What does the concept of symbolic violence allow us to understand about the construction, performance & consequences of hegemonic gender roles?
Pierre Bourdieu's concept of "Symbolic violence" refers to an imposition of categories of thought and perception upon dominated social agents who then take the social order to be just. It is the incorporation of unconscious structures that tend to perpetuate the structures of action of the dominant. The dominated then take their position to be "right."
Symbolic violence is sometimes

powerful than physical violence
in that it is embedded in the very modes of action and structures of cognition of individuals, and imposing idea of legitimacy of the social order.
Specific language used
Use of numbers
What isn’t represented?
Rhetorical strategies
“Chicago jogger critically hurt in pit bull attack” (CBC news, Jan. 2, 2012)
“4 pit bulls destroyed for mauling 2 California runners” (Yahoo news, Nov. 29, 2011)
“Trenton police shoot, kill pit bull that attacked terrier that later died from injuries” (Nj news, Jan. 16, 2012)
“9-year-old boy attacked by pit bull in horrible mauling” (LA Times, Jan. 16, 2012)
“Pit bull blamed for baby's death” (Houston news, Jan. 15, 2012)
“Officer shoots at pit bull that advances at 74-year-old” (Aiken standard, Feb. 4, 2010)
Pit bulls in the news
Case study: Pit bulls

Are pit bulls dangerous dogs?
Why or why not?
representations & discourses
Specific language used
Use of numbers
What isn’t represented?
Rhetorical strategies
Accompanying images
All dogs
potentially dangerous
Pit bulls are also…
getting to the
root of how it works
enter rape culture
these 3 stories came across my
social media news feed:
Thinking about framing
(your research/an issue/an idea or concept)
14-yr old Haitian girl, Fabienne, shot
by police when found looting a picture
& fold-up chairs after earthquake
The first photo won a prize; the
second made a controversy explode.
An analytical
way to approach
a topic
the colonial matrix is centred on racism and patriarch as the modern conditions for constructing and controlling knowledge & subjectivity.
Analytical tool for charting the
power dynamics of our present world order.

Colonial Matrix of power
roots in historical expansion from the 16th cent. when world shifted from polycentric & non-capitals to Eurocentric & capitalist.

Constructed according to biographic descriptions of humanness (conceived of 500+ yrs ago) (Mignolo 2011)
Relevant to both Macro & Micro
level analysis

micro level framing...
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