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Myelle Palma

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Religion and Superstition in
Elizabethan Era

The History
Two Types
Protestants or Catholic Religion
Religious Change
Religion was chosen by monarch
Protestants = more freedom
Religion in Society
FACT: 280 Protestants were burned by Queen Mary
Beliefs & Superstition
- Schools taught the official religion assigned by Queen or King

- Failure to adhere to the assigned religion often lead to danger...

- Monarches dictated the favoured religion
Catholics believed that Church Services and the Bible should be in Latin, as it had been...

Believed that Priests were the link between God and the people and that the Pope was ordained by God.

Priests were viewed as special and expected to devote their lives to God and remain unmarried and wear elaborate robes

Priests and the Pope were able to forgive sins - at a price

Churches celebrate God and elaborately decorated with statues and shrines
Sin in the Elizabethan era
Punishments: hanging, whipping, branding, starvation in a public place, the wheel...
Elizabethan Protestants believed that Church Services and the Bible should be in the language of the people so that the ordinary people could understand them

Churches should be plain allowing people to concentrate on the sermons

God could forgive sins
Queen Mary I
Queen Elizabeth I
Before the Elizabethan Era, Britain was ruled by Queen Mary I, Queen Elizabeth I’s half sister. Queen Mary was Catholic which means that the religion had to be followed by the realm.

However, even before Queen Mary was ruler, most of the Tudor family was Catholic. This meant even though Catholicism was deeply rooted into society, when Queen Mary passed away, the only person fit to rule was Queen Elizabeth, who was Protestant. All of a sudden, Britain was expected to follow the new religion.

Who was the pope during the time Queen Elizabeth I was ruler?

What religion was Queen Elizabeth?

What were some of the beliefs Catholic's had?

How did religion affect society/people in general?
Elizabeth's first act as the Queen was restoring Protestantism as the official religion. When she did, she believe that people should be allowed to practice the Catholic religion without fear so long they kept their religion private and were prepared to attend their parish churches.

English Catholics worshiped with their Protestant neighbours, until it was formally forbidden
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Protestants did not believe in purgatory
Women were most often accused of being witches
Fear of the supernatural and forces of nature or God resulted in the belief of superstitions during the Elizabethan period. Renaissance Superstitions included those related to Witches Sneezing, Eclipse and the 7th son, of a seventh son, Peacock Feathers, Shoes, Spilling Salt and Pepper, Touching wood, Ladders and Black cats
Many punishments and executions were witnessed by many hundreds of people. The Lower Classes treated such events as exciting days out. Even royalty were subjected to this most public form of punishment for their crimes.
Minor crime and punishment in small Elizabethan towns were dealt with by the Justice of the Peace
The Elizabethan government made begging a crime and therefore illegal and 'poor beggars'
Ghosts were evil as no purgatory in their beliefs
Heaven or Hell
Protestants were found guilty of crime of being Protestants and were put to the sword, burned at the stake or even hanged hence why Queen Mary’s nickname was Bloody Mary.

There was no science, therefore no understanding of life and death

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During the time Queen Elizabeth was ruler, Pope Pius and Pope Gregory ruled the catholic church
Face North and say:

Hail to the guardians of the North, mighty earth who feeds us, our home and mother, welcome to the circle.

Next, face East and say:

Hail to the guardians of the East, blessed air who cools us, the breath of life in all, welcome to the circle.

Next, face the South and say:

Hail to the guardians of the South, sacred flame that sparks life in all, our protection and father, welcome to the circle.

Finally, face the West and say:

Hail to the guardians of the West, Waters of life, where all are cleansed and reborn, welcome to the circle.
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