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Martin Luther King V.S Malcome X

No description

Kalysta Nassery

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Martin Luther King V.S Malcome X

similarities and differences with religion between MLK and Malcolm X
martin Luther king jr.
malcom x
Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
later life
Martin Luther King was christian.
mlk jr.
MLK's tone in his speech
-es were spoken in a
voice. He put his audience
-ce in a, good,optimistic,
Here's a quote from
MLK's "I have a dream"
speech; "Let's not seek
our thirst by drinking
from the cup of bitter
-ness & hatred".
He was also a baptist minister
*started at Yonge elementary school

Malcolm X's tone was,furious,
violent,and determine to get
revenge on the white folks.
His tone put his audience in a,violent,angry,but still optimistic mood. Malcolm X thought that the blacks had to have bloodshed in order for them to get revenge on the white folks.
Malcolm x
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X was born May 19th
1925 in Omaha Nebraska.He was born Malcolm Little. After being threatened by the KKK they moved to an all white neighborhood where their house was burned down.When he was six his father died a "mysteriously" death.Three of his uncles were also killed.In the 1930's Malcolm's family was struggling and lived on public welfare for a while.His mom became mentally ill.At thirteen he went to a juvenile detention home.Then while living with his sister in Boston he became involved with criminal activity.In 1946 at the age of twenty he was sentenced to ten years of life in prison.While in prison started to change his life for the better.He became a muslim and a follower of Allah.When he came out of prison he was a changed man.
He is a priest from Dexter avenue baptist church.
He became president of the southern leadership conference in 1957

* he attended Boker T. Washinton high school
they were baptist
* Attended Atlanta university labortory school
were well respected ministers
He then graduated college with a B.A degree in
He married a girl named Betty
*he skipped 9th and 12th grade
* he entered college at the age of 15
*he was elected president of the senior class and won the most outstanding student award.
Malcolm X v.s Martin Luther King Jr.
in 1958
Malcolm x and MLK
were both well respected ministers
Martin Luther King Jr.
human activist
Malcolm X
he was a human activist
He was assassinated February 21 1965
Facts about education
He married corretta Scott
He had four children
Malcolm x's Education
He was the youngest person to win the Nobel piece prize at the age of 35
He was assassinated in 1968 on a balcony at a hotel
Martin Luther King Jr.
He dropped out of school at an early age
* he didnt really understand english as good as others.
* when he read english he thought it looked like chinese.
He even got a dictionary and started copying every entry .
*After writing the first page, he'd read it and try to remember what they meant.
he became president of Nation of Islam
was baptist before he was in Nation of Islam prison
he created Muslim Mosque ,Inc.
He was arrested many times for burglary
He had six children
After death his wife had twin
beliefs and philosophies
Malcolm X
after heath his wife gave
He wanted blacks work together and have another Civil War
He wanted Blacks to stand up for themselves
He was buried in Atlanta
He believed in Non-violence.
Martin Luther king jr's education
He didn't like what Malcolm X was saying about another civil war
He wanted Blacks AND Whites to work to join hands and stop the violence.
Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th,
1929 in Atlanta GA. His religion was Baptist.His
father was Martin Luther King Sr. And his mother
was Alberta Williams King.Martin had a younger
brother and an older sister. Martin was a very intel
-igent boy. He skipped ninth and twelfth grade
and went to Morehouse College at fifteen years
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