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Create a Band

No description

nick kloos

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Create a Band

By Nick Kloos Tyler Jackson Tyler was born in Pauline, South Carolina, in 1940. Every now and then, they had to sleep in their car because they didn't have a place to sleep. He only had a couple pairs of clothes and struggled to take a shower every couples of days, and his family struggled to keep some food on the table. The sound of the drums every time his dad was playing them grew on him, and Tyler decided that he wanted to be some type of musician. Since Tyler didn't really have the childhood like most kids do, and didn't really know much of anything besides moving houses and playing drums, his only interest while growing up was playing the drums. His parents knew he loved music, especially drums, and they knew this festival was going to have a plenty of that for him. When Tyler turned nine years old, there was a music festival a couple miles up the road from where he was living, and his parents took him there for his birthday. The Journey of The Melting Pot the drummer He had an extremely tough childhood, because of his parents. His mother and father were both drug addicts, and hardly had enough money to support themselves let alone their son. His childhood was revolved around where his parents were going to live the next week because they kept getting kicked out of places and didn't have enough money to keep an apartment. The thing he remembers most about his childhood and and growing up is that his father always had his drum set. No matter what place they were staying at, he always took apart his drums and built it back up at his new place. The only thing he cared about were the different drummers around the festival. He didn't even watch anyone else perform. While Tyler was wandering around the festival, he met a kid named Ellroy Jones.
They hung out all day at the music festival, watching all the different bands and performers.
They instantly became great friends because they both enjoyed the same thing, and they decided to hang out and try to create their own band. There goal together was to be in a band together one day, and play in front of thousands of people. Tyler immediately started playing the drums with his dad when he got the chance too, and would play for hours on hours striving to reach his goal. Him and Ellroy continued to play together, writing their own little songs, and making their own music. They made two full songs together that weren't that great but it was a start to their bright future. Tyler started hanging out with the wrong crowd when he got to middle school, and started doing stupid things because he didn't really have parental figures to help him. He was clearly on the road to following in his dads footsteps by being a drug addict and not having a successful life. He was getting into a lot of trouble in high school, and lost touch with Ellroy Jones. Even though he was going down the wrong path, he still never gave up the drums, and continued to practice them everyday. When Tyler was 19 years old, his dad overdosed on heroin and passed away. This completely opened his eyes, and he realized that he was headed down that road also. Tyler decided to get completely clean from everything, and focused on pursuing his dad's dream of becoming a famous drummer. The only thing that his dad left behind was his drum set because that is all he had. Tyler decided to call up his old friend, Ellroy, who he hadn't seen or talked to since he started going down the wrong path. He told Ellroy everything that had happened to him in the past couple of weeks and told him that he wanted to start up the band idea again. Ellroy told him that he had already been touring because he won a little contest and told Tyler that he could use a drummer. They started touring together at ages 19 and 20, but only to smaller towns and cities. They were never big at all, but they still had some shows. Ellroy Jones Ellroy was born in Buffalo, South Carolina in 1941. His father and mother were very wealthy people but were terrible parents. They didn't want a kid so they gave Ellroy to his aunt and uncle to take care of and raise. He grew up in a house full of musicians: his aunt was a pianist and a singer, and his uncle was a guitarist. His uncle bought him his first guitar at age 7 and taught him the basics of playing it. Ellroy's favorite artist was Jimmy Rogers, and he also listened to Hank Williams Sr. Him and his uncle would play together every night in their garage learning how to play different songs by Jimmy Rogers and Hank Williams. Ellroy and Tyler started hanging out quite a bit, playing together and writing their own music as best as the could When Ellroy turned 8, his aunt and uncle took him to the music festival a couple miles from his house. He met Tyler Jackson at the public drum set at the festival. Tyler was rocking out like he was an artist playing for all the people. They became great friends, and decided to meet up every week and play their instruments together. They practiced with eachother every week until they reach highschool. When high school hit, it was a huge turning point for Tyler. Ellroy still stuck with playing the guitar and singing, and still was able to keep a good head on his shoulders throughout highschool. Tyler on the other hand, went down the wrong path, so Ellroy dropped him as a friend. Ellroy made it through highschool with flying colors, and still had the dream of becoming a musician. After graduating highschool, his uncle put him in a music contest, where the winner gets to perform in front of 300 people. Ellroy destroyed his competition and won the contest, and then went on to play in front of 300 people. Ellroy started playing different gigs at some restaurants and different clubs. After a couple of gigs, he received a phone call from his old friend Tyler Jackson. Tyler told him everything that happened to him in the past month and told Ellroy that he was getting clean and wanted to pursue his drumming career. Ellroy wanted to help him so he decided to have a drummer with him when he performed his little shows. Ellroy and Tyler were asked to play a gig at a restaurant called The Melting Pot, in South Carolina, the next Friday. They were on at 8:30, and it just so happened to be the night that Richard Brexton was playing. Tyler and Ellroy watched Richard play and were absolutely stunned at his talent, and both agreed that they should ask Richard to join their band. 1965, the night that Richard Brexton joined The Melting Pot. Richard Brexton Richard was born in 1945 in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He had a very rough childhood because of the time period he was growing up in. Was raised by a single mom who could hardly support herself. Racial discrimination was still a huge controversy during his childhood, and definitely limited his mother and him to very few things. Since he was very limited to the things he wanted to do, he listened to his favorite artists and dreamed about being just like them. His favorite artist was B.B. King, and loved listening to him all day. When Richard was 9 years old, he received his first banjo from a neighbor across the street. The guitar strings were all broken, so Richard had to learn to restring and tune the guitar all by himself. When he finally fixed the banjo, he played day in and day out teaching himself different chords, and little songs to play. He also learned how to play by going to this restaurant down the street from his house, where local artist played little gigs for people eating. His biggest goal was to one day be able to perform at this restaurant and hopefully make it big. Start at 2:35--->> Still practicing any chance he could, he started playing for family and some close friends, and the word got out that he was extremely talented. In 1962, The Melting Pot (restaurant down the street) asked Richard to come out and play a gig for everyone. The place was in complete shock that a 17 year old, black kid was playing, so they turned their heads away. After a couple songs, he had everyone's undivided attention, and everyone seemed to not care about the color of his skin anymore. The Melting Pot went crazy over Richard, and requested that he comes back every weekend! Richard started playing gigs here every weekend for a couple of years like he dreamed about, until one night changed his life forever. In 1965, Richard was playing the early gig at 6:30 PM on a Friday night. Richard had no idea what was in store for him on this night. Richard started going through his original routine that he did every weekend playing all his songs and pleasing the crowd. When Richard finished, Ellroy Jones and Tyler Jackson were there to greet him off the stage. They told Richard that he is an incredible banjo player and that they would love to have him in their band. 1965, Richard Joined the band. Ellroy, Tyler, and Richard all starting meeting up and practicing with each other. They practiced day in and day out, perfecting their skills and working together. They loved the band so far but they felt like they were missing a 4th person. They decided that they wanted a fiddle player, so they put up flyers all around the town. On the flyer, the band wrote "In need of a talented fiddle player!!!! Come to The Melting Pot, next Friday at 7PM" The next Friday came and Ellroy, Tyler, and Richard all met up together at The Melting Pot and waited to see if anyone would show up. When 7PM hit, there were only 3 people there that had read the flyer. Ellroy, Tyler, and Richard watched the first two play and weren't too impressed. But the third guy came out, started playing, and had the three of them hooked on him. This is when Keith Murrey, from England joined the band. Keith Murrey He was born in 1942, in Barnsley, England. He grew up in a very wealthy family, both of his parents were extremely successfull. Keith was able to do whatever he wanted because money really wasn't an issue and his parents spoiled the hell out of him. Keith grew up a sports guy, always playing soccer, and basketball until he listened to Monroe's Band when he was about 9 years old, and completely changed his path in life. Keith was extremely interested in the fiddle after he heard this band and wished he could play the fiddle like them. For his 10th bday, he asked for a fiddle but little did he know that this was the start of his amazing career. Both of his parents helped him learn how to play the fiddle and put him in some lessons. He took his fiddle everywhere he went and played it every chance he could, striving to be the greatest fiddler ever. When Keith was 16 years old, his parents decided to move to the United States. Keith left everything behind besides his fiddle, and when he arrived in America, he was very lost because he was a foreigner. He wasn't treated with the greatest respect, and was made fun of for playing the fiddle. He kept playing throughout his hichschool days, despite all the rude things people were saying. After high school, he decided not to go to college because he truly thought he could make it big playing the fiddle. He entered himself in different contests, and auditioned for many different band spots. He was having no luck, and after 5 years of him practicing and trying to get his name out there, he saw a flyer on a bulletin board where he was practicing at saying ""In need of a talented fiddle player!!!! Come to The Melting Pot, next Friday at 7PM" He realized that this was his chance to prove himself, so he drove 2 hours to fort Jackson, SC to play in front of Ellroy, Tyler, and Richard. He was the last one to audition out of three people, and the second he started playing, he could tell the three of them loved him. When he finished playing, he was told that they want him to join The Melting Pot 1966, when The Melting Pot was completely formed. The Melting Pot They came together in 1966
Ellroy was 25- lead guitarist and vocalist
Tyler was 26- drummer
Richard was 21-banjo player and vocalist
Keith was 23- fiddle player They came together to make a country bluegrass type of band. They wanted to make a difference in the world, and realized that everyone is equal, black, white, english or whatever.
They wanted to prove to everyone that people of different races and culture can still work together They practiced for about 7 years together perfecting thier style, and writing different songs about everyone being equal, and that we should all fight for one goal and not each other.
Ellroy and Tyler were the only ones in this group that had a name to theirselves, but no one knew about this band with different races.
Even though they considered themselves brothers, they still kept their band on the down low because they knew the public wasn't going to agree.
In 1971, they entered themselves in a Battle of the Bands contest where bands from all over the country come and compete to get a signing label. They were the last band to perform on this night, and when they walked on stage, everyone started turning their noses and bickering between their peers.
Everyone was in shock because their was a black guy, and an English guy playing with 2 white guys. This was unheard of, and instantly gave them publicity.
They played 3 of their original songs:
"We are One"- no one really payed attention
"Peace"- half of the crowd started realizing the talent
"The Journey"- The whole crowd was on their feet screaming and yelling about how good they were. And gave them the only standing ovation of the night. The judges chose The Melting Pot as their favorite, and signed them to Classical Records, located in Phoenix, AZ.

Bobby Briggs, a huge time producer for Classical Records, chose to take them under his wing and be their full time manager.

Bobby worked with them for the next year trying to get their first album out.

In 1973, they put out their first full album called America Standing Tall.

This album was all about being together as a nation, and how everyone is equal. America Standing Tall 1) "We are one"- this track describes all different races coming together for a common goal ( all instruments being played)
2) "Together"- We all need to be together and work as a nation (mainly guitar with fiddle, banjo solo)
3) "Peace"- The world is full of bad people and there needs to be peace
4) "America Stand Tall"- Standing tall as people and a nation, and always keeping your head up ( all instruments, 3 solos on each instrument.
5) "The Journey"- Everyone has their own journey and how they became who they are, and we need to respect that.
6) "Rising up"- You need to have good spirits and thoughts to rise above your obsticales in life.
7) "Day after Day"- Everyday is a grind, and we all need to keep pushing forward
8) "Life"
9) "Soul"
10) "We made it" Album Review and Cover Album review: This album is a fantastic piece of work, with incredible meaning behind the group and all the songs. The whole album is about being one as a nation, no matter what your skin color is or what nationality you are. All that matters is that we come together and fight for a common goal. This album shows great instrumentation from the guitar, the fiddle, and the banjo, to the guitar and the vocals. Many songs feature different solos from the string intruments.
-Phoenix New Times Review They already had huge publicity from the Battle of the Bands, so a ton of people already knew about them and were waiting for the album.
Within a week, they had already sold over 10,000 copies of the album and were well on their way to 100,000.
As they started getting more and more popular, they started touring around the country.
They toured to Cali, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina for the first year or so.
In 1974, their album had reached #2 on Album of the year, and they sold over 750,000 copies.
Many people loved The Melting Pot, and loved what they stood for, but many people also hated them.
Tons of people wrote and said terrible things to this band, and tried to put a negative image on them. They went on a few talk shows, and were asked many questions on ow they deal with the negative comments and publicity.
In 1975, they put out their second album and a hit single called "We the People", which reached the number one single in just 2 weeks.
They were the most talked about country style band within 3 years of them putting out their first album.
They kept touring all over the United States playing in front of thousands of people for a few years and ended up putting out 3 more albums before 1985. Last Days of The Melting Pot In 1986, just 20 years after forming one of the greatest country bluegrass band of all times, a serious accident happened that put an end to The Melting Pot.
One night, after performing in front of 10,000 people, Richard Brexton made the worst decision of his life.
He decided to get behind the wheel, after drinking all night with his friends, and drove his car off the side of the road going 80mph and hit a tree.
He was killed on impact, so the paramedics didn't have a chance.
When the rest of the band found out, they were devastated and decided that they couldn't go on without him.
The Melting Pot- 1973-1986 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/76/Platin_Drums_PTCL2016_AF.jpg/220px-Platin_Drums_PTCL2016_AF.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWyABiUpihs. http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/gelpi/gelpi0801/gelpi080100169/2470124-kid-with-acoustic-guitar-a-over-white-background.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mNAMz2ktzr4/UEz9XtU3QQI/AAAAAAAAA3E/hVMzpDLxl_E/s1600/compose.jpeg http://www.drugsno.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/bigstock_Bottles_Of_Medicine_16441621.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNivTEdgT7Y. http://www.dalycity.org/Assets/Departments/Police/images/Don$!27t+Do+Drugs.gif http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLQS27yQZYY. http://media.knoxville.com/media/img/photos/2010/03/27/bigears11.pe_t607.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZTWtktAveZU/TgL4lioQNpI/AAAAAAAAHa4/owWRs5spuvY/s1600/Banjo-Player-1856-XX-The-Museums-at-Stony-Brook.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dLEPI-y-Pf0/T_bxbwg5d5I/AAAAAAAAALk/9IHmCZGkHz4/s1600/RestRms.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nufRHR8a7FU. http://www.aspexdesign.co.uk/flags/england_flag_01.gif http://thesipoflife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/no_music.png http://wakeup-world.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/postive_negative.jpg http://www.pubclub.com/pacificnw/Images/BumpershootMainstageCrowd.jpg
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