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No description

Ainhoa Fuertes Zabala

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of BIMBA Y LOLA

Founded in 2006 by María and Uxía Domínguez (nieces of the Spanish desingner Adolfo Dominguez), Bimba y Lola has become the fastest growing clothing firm in Spain.
But their greatest success was their positioning
In 2006 the company opened its first store and just two years after it had 70 stores spread throughout Spain.
A little bit of history
They guide the business to a market segment that was not sufficiently covered: the
Name & Logo
Bimba & Lola are the names of the founders' dogs, two greyhounds.
Their boutiques have an atmosphere of refinement and luxury, and are always located in the central and busy city streets or in shopping malls, which facilitates achieving high turnover and therefore the success of the point of sale.
Design & variety
The brand offers a wide variety in their products, so it's easier to find the tastes of consumers, and a greater consumption and turnover is generated, The top products are bags, which provide 34% of total turnover, and a huge market typology.

Target market
The target to which it is directed is composed mainly of young women (aged 25 to 45 years) with a medium-high purchasing power, who demand fashion and latest trends, and can spend a lot of money on luxury garments, while they are shopping much cheaper accessories.
Perhaps part of the success of the firm is explained by the capacity to adapt to the "bipolarity" of today's demand: 'consumers who claim to save money in a particular product (such as an airline ticket or a small complement) and are willing to "splurge" in another (such as a coat)'.
How to get known?
Final remarks
MY Bimba y Lola won't only guide the brand into a new market, but it will also increase the loyalty towards the brand of the current and new customers and the brand's equity.
Nowadays they have more than 183 stores, in more than 17 countries worldwide: Portugal, France, Costa Rica, UAE...
New market segment: the urban-chic
Young woman interested in fashion, who are willing to pay a certain price for it. They want to feel trendy and comfortable, but without having to follow the masses.
New concept in Spain
Catwalk events
In the main cities of Spain
The models will be all those girls who identify themselves with the brand. This allows MY Bimba y Lola to get a closer relationship with its target market
Creation of a new account
Buyers will be able to view and buy the new collection.
Apart from the photos posted by the brand,
normal girls
wearing My Bimba y Lola clothes could also post their photos.
Creation of a new account

and new hastag
The creation of a new online community
In order to maintain a constant relationship with the target market.
The younger people will also enable the creation of a new online community.
Bimba y Lola works with a large and young team of designers, who travel the world trying to capture the tastes and preferences of urban and cosmopolitan women.
Send photos to the new My Bimba y Lola, telling your story, why you like the brand.
Among all, the most original ones will receive discount coupons weekly.
Kind of girl
18-24 Spanish girl, who loves fashion. She is trendy, elegant and chic, and knows how to wear for each situation. In her free time she meets her friends and her boyfriend, she goes shopping, reads and goes to the cinema. She feels free and has a hunger to conquer the world. She goes to university and studies hard for her future.

She is constantly using her iPhone (the Blackberry wasn't chic enough to her), the Whatsapp, Instagram and her favorite blogs, in search of new inspiration.

She loves the city, having coffees with her best friends, with a little bit of party sometimes. In summer, she travels around the world with her family and enjoys her youth with her friends.
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