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My Progression

No description

stavroulla economou

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of My Progression

For our final piece however, we were very organised, we knew what we wanted to do as we had a storyboard with a clear picture of each shot. We tried to focus more on our lighting, which unfortunately wasnt perfect so we lightened up the contrast of the piece on Final Cut. However, everything else went according to plan as we learnt from our Prelim that an unplanned piece doesn't look presentable to an audience. My Progression Editing 'Last Chance' We had to edit our Prelim piece back in our usual groups. Therefore, Eda and I tried to work on how to make the piece flow, which was difficult in a way as we were not sure of what shots had been taken as we didnt do the filming ourselves. We overcame this quite quickly though, as we started to develop more skills and began to explore Final Cut further. For example, we used a futuristic effect for when Eda appears in the movie to help us develop more as an editor. Furthermore,we used titles for our Prelim task to get used to using Live Type. Comparitvely, during the editing for 'Provocation' we explored Final Cut Pro further as we use CCTV effects and static images to make the piece more dramatic and to shock our audience. Preliminary task: 'Last Chance' On the day that we were told to film our Preliminary task, there were many members of our group missing so we joined with Group 42 to film. As we hadnt planned thoroughly for the task, we realised that once we got to the editing room the footage was too dark. Therefore, we had to refilm it all over again in a brighter space. The problem with this was that it was in a different room and the mise en scene did not fit in well with the contents of our movie.
Thriller Opening 'Provocation' Editing ' Provocation' When filming our main thriller opening, we concentrated mainly on the mise en scene. This is because we learnt from our Prelim that the MES is the key to making a movie beliveable and sets the atmosphere for the audience. Furthermore, we used simplistic scenary to set the tone of our moive. We used props like:
Sleeping Bag
Hair Extensions
Food Colouring
Whereas. in our Prelim we hardly used any props except a scarf and chairs. Which didnt particularly set the scene very convincingly as I thought it was more comical than serious. Teamwork Our teamwork has definatley improved since our Prelim, although we did have half of our group drop out. Therefore, it was just me and Eda left to do the work. However, we worked really well together and I've have learnt a lot form working with her. We both were organised and helped eachother out when we didnt understand how to use the software. Overall, I'm really pleased that I got to work with her. Sound Throughout filming our Prelim, we tried to experiment with different types of sound. For example, we used both Digetic and Non-Digetic sounds throughout 'Last Chance'. Such as, the match cut of the door opening and then the slaming sound was the only use of digetic sound in the movie. However, in 'Provocation' we didnt use any digetic sounds as we added in sound effects to build tension. This was because we filmed in a garage and there were many car sounds in the background. So we muted it and put in our own background music using Sound Track Pro. Other Non-Digetic sounds we used within 'Provocation' were the static effects and the birds tweeting at the end of our opening. Organisational skills and technology
I think we have developed our use of the software a lot since the filming of the Prelim task. Mostly because we expanded our use of editing skills through Final Cut Pro and tried to widen our range of sound effects on Sound Track Pro. For example, we tried to make our film look much more proffesional through using our titles over a blank screen to present to our audience. Whereas, on our prelim we only used a beginning title as we were just getting used to using Live Type. Furthermore, our planning has also improved as we made a presentation on Powerpoint to display our ideas of where we would film, props and the story behind our movie. In doing this, I feel it really helped us create a professional piece. Last thoughts Since doing the preliminary task to doing our actual film opening, I feel I've come a long way as I now have learnt how to broaden my editing skills through using Live Type, Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro. I have realised that there is a lot of planning involved before we start and for things to run smoothly. Looking back, we were quite simplistic with our editing in the Preliminary task whereas, in 'Provocation' we experimented with lots of advanced effects. For example, the CCTV and the static effects. Which paid off in the end as those were the two things that people really enjoyed, which we noticed when hearing our feedback. Also, the whole process of making a two minute opening was unbelievably time consuming but thankfully it was all worth it in the end as we achieved in creating a creepy, eerie ambience perfectly.
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