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How to Revise, Edit, & Proofread

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Becky Cantor

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of How to Revise, Edit, & Proofread

How to Revise, Edit, & Proofread
Your Own Work

Is the tone appropriate to the writing task?
How could I better adapt my word choice to this audience and writing task?
Sentence-level revision
How does it sound?
How could I make it sound better?
The Final Product
Clear and pleasant to read
Error Free
Ask yourself these questions:
What is your purpose?
Who is your audience?
Does every aspect of this contribute to my message?
Is my message clear to my audience?
Does my purpose reflect the prompt?
In order to get a YES answer to each question
Delete or Alter
Reverse Outlining
Cut up your paper
Zoom way out
Revision = Architecture
Print your paper out.
Read it out loud.
Mark it up. Edit. Sleep on it.
Do it again!
Strengthen verbs.
Highlight sentences by length.
Editing = Interior Design
Only proofread once you are DONE Revising and Editing.
Then proofread carefully!
Begin with the last paragraph, last sentence of your essay. Read the last sentence. Look for spelling, punctuation, & grammar errors and fix them.
Continue backwards through your paper until you hit your title.
Focus on a different priority for each read through (commas, usage, APA, etc.)
You're done!
Proofreading =
White Glove Inspection
Replacing vague words like "this," "thing," "there," "it is"
Eliminating unnecessary words like "kind of," "really," "basically," "certain"
Make a list of words & phrases you can replace & Ctrl-F them.
Writing Process & Rhetorical Situation
The Ten
Writing Priorities
What is your typical writing process?
Which priorities are you most confident in when you compose?
If you were writing a screenplay, what kinds of things would you do at the revision stage?
What might you do if you were editing a screenplay?
Common Errors
in Student Writing
What writing tasks do you have coming up?
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