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how its made : eraser

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on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of how its made : eraser

how its made : eraser
eraser factory
1. rubber arrives at eraser factory and is mixed with pigments, vegetable oil, pumice, sulfur and other ingredients
- pigments : to change the color
-pumice : makes the eraser more absorbent
-sulfur : allows rubber to vulcanized
- vegetable oil : makes the eraser softer
a batch of rubber is put into a mill, the rubber passes though large heated rollers as the ingredients are added. when everything has been blended and the rubber is ready to removed , then it is left to cool.
packing and distribution
erasers are packed neatly sometimes with paper wrapping advertising the company's name.
the erasers are packaged in big boxes and transported to local stores to sell and sometimes exported outside of the country as well.
impact on environment
perspective #1
-synthetic rubber derived from petrolatum
- petrolatum nonrenewable
-damages earths biosphere : peak oil
argument : making full use of petrolatum is not a waste of its materials
the end
by: Anastasia Marshall
raw materials in a eraser
rubber ( natural or synthetic) natural : from a rubber tree synthetic :made from chemicals
pigments to change color
vegetable oil
product ingredients
choosing synthetic rubber
wide variety of manufacturing process is being used
process : fraction distillation
two liquids pumped in a container and mixed
choosing natural rubber
natural rubber is found in rain forests
manufacturing of an eraser
eraser factory
2. the rubber is then cut into rich squares and goes into a steam heated press to cure it and vulcanize.
the pressure compacts the rubber while the intense heat hardens it .
then they submerge the hot rubber into the cold water to stop the curing process.
eraser factory
3. the last step is cutting and shaping the eraser which is done by mechanical machines. flat erasers may then be marked or stamped with the company's name
how accessible is it ?
an eraser is very accessible item sold in every store. it is very affordable and has a demand as it used every day around the world.
impact on environment
perspective #2
-rubber trees can be destroyed when extracting latex from the tree
- economical loss

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