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The Impact of Information Technology of the Quality of Life

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Matthew Clawesome

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Information Technology of the Quality of Life

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Matthew "Murder" Clawson The Impact of IT on Productivity and the Quality of Life Productivity! Defined by the amount of output per unit of input
Number of labor hours to produce one item
Annual revenue generated divided by annual salary
Labor Productivity has been increasing in the US
IT's Effect on Productivity During the 1960's, IT's effect was easy to measure
Now, more difficult to measure as there are additional factors that affect productivity
Business cycle - growth or contraction
US regulations allow migration of workers
Certain markets spur innovation
Today, IT saves employees time, rather than reducing companies' need for employees
The service industry benefits greatly from IT systems
Instead of reducing costs, can increase quality of service, reliability, workplace morale Telework/Telecommuting Quality of Life/Standard of Living The Future Importance of technology for advancing human rights
Arab Spring
Disaster relief
Communication increases effectiveness of disaster response
Free education and the open exchange of ideas
Khan Academy
TED Talks
Work arrangement whereby an employee works away from the office using electronic communication
The goal is for employees to be productive wherever they are
More than 34 million US workers telework occasionally, with that number rising to 64 million by 2016
Advantages: Workers with disabilities, reduce costs, improved family/work balance, may increase productivity, reduce impact of disasters
Disadvantages: May reduce productivity, increase isolation, can create security risks, reduce morale Ways of assessing a country's standard of living
Average caloric intake
Life expectancy
Availability of clean drinking water
Basic human rights
Number of people per doctor
Educational opportunities
Availability of technology
Digital divide describes the gulf between people who have technology and those who do not
Many believe the digital divide must be bridged to enhance health, education, and life quality
Only 23% of the world has access to the internet
Programs to address the digital divide
E-Rate - US Schools and libraries
Ed-Tech - US Schools
One Laptop Per Child - Global
Google Fiber - Awesome
Mobile phones are the tool to bridge the divide
Digital Divide
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