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Copy of Genre Centres: Boar Out There

"Boar's Out There" by Cynthia Rylant is a Adventure story and in this story there are many elements of Adventure.

Emily Lane

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Genre Centres: Boar Out There

Boar Out There
Point of View
She is the main character. She feels empathy for
the boar and she changed a lot after the encounter
with the boar. Before the meeting with the boar, she
was reckless and curious. She went into the forest to
find the boar. Jenny sees that the boar lives a horrible
life of pain and loneliness. She changes after the conflict, becoming more understanding. This character is the one the reader feels empathy for throughtout the story.
Man vs. Himself
Jenny's town lives in fear of a wild boar that lives in the woods over by the Miller Farm. Jenny, however is curious and decides to go see if he really is that dangerous. She feels that the forest is pressing down on her as she walks through the woods and she is terrified that the boar would hurt her when she hears the pounding of his steps. When Jenny finally meets the boar, her feelings of fear disappear and is replaced by pity. She learns that the boar is afraid of her, who is only a little girl, while everyone in Glen Morgan is afraid of the boar. In the end, she overcame her curiosity and fear of the boar.
This story is from Jenny's point of view. She shows her feelings for the boar. She pities the boar and before she went to find him she felt scared of him. Also, she expresses her thoughts and opinions in the story. Jenny imagines that he is tearing through the forest in fear and pain. She thinks that it is really surprising that the whole town lived in fear of the boar when the boar itself is terrified of Jenny, who was only a little girl.
The genre of this story is the adventure genre because the main character goes on a journey to overcome a conflict in their life. Jenny goes searching for the boar and she has to overcome her fear when she sees him. The setting of the story, which takes place in the woods, gives the reader the sense that there is danger. This story also takes a long time to develop the characters so the reader can develop empathy for them. Jenny is introduced at the very beginning and you can tell how her thoughts about the boar was influenced by her town members. The boar was also introduced through Jenny's thoughts and actions.
The Boar
The boar is another character. He inspires change in Jenny and he made her realize that nothing is what it seems. The boar lives in the woods and he lives a very lonely life. He is very ugly and very hurt.
The story takes place in the woods over by the Miller farm in a small town called Glen Morgan. The atmosphere gives the reader a feeling of danger, especially when the boar was running through the forest toward Jenny. Words and phrases such 'as deep in the woods', 'forgot to breathe', horrible, confusing, 'stiff with wet eyes', and 'no time to scream and run' describe the atmosphere very well. It is also in present-day because cars were invented recently. There was an old, black Dodge past the splintery, rail fence in the woods which the boar resided.
Nothing is as it seems.
Jenny's town lives in fear of a wild boar, who seems terrifying. When Jenny meets the boar, she discovers that he is more terrified of Jenny, who is just a little girl, than Jenny is terrified of him.
Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back.
Jenny was really curious about the boar so she would sit at the splintery rail fence and think about him all the time. She then decided to go to the woods to find him and she did, satisfying her curiosity.
Fear flows throughout this story. Jenny's town lives in fear of the wild boar, influencing Jenny. Jenny also fears the boar a little, but she overcomes her fear in the story. The boar is terrified of Jenny.
The characters are introduced. Jenny and the boar are introduced and developed. Jenny's thoughts and feelings are used to get the reader to feel empathy for her. The setting is also introduced. This story takes place in the woods in Glen Morgan in present day. The woods give the reader the feeling of fear and danger. The problem in this story is that Jenny wants to see what the boar is really like.
There is rising action. Jenny decides to find the boar. She feels as if the forest air was pressing down on her. As Jenny walks through the forest, she rests against a tree when the stamping of hooves announce the arrival of the boar.
The character change after the conflict. Jenny finally meets the boar and sees for herself what the boar is like. She pities the boar instead of fearing it. She understands the boar's feelings after this encounter. Also, Jenny discovers that the boar is terrified of her while the whole town is terrified of him.
Characters overcome the conflict. Jenny sees that the boar is hurt and she pities him instead of being scared. She stares at him a bit longer, but a bluejay cry scares the boar away.
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