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Doritos = BAD

No description

Olemich Tugas

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Doritos = BAD

And that is why Doritos are horrible.
Doritos = Bad
(Not eating Doritos = Good)
The Band of Baffling Blunt Boycotting Bulletpoints
Positive Points of Persistance that Push to Perish Remaining Restistance of Ridiculous Rants
The Neglected Negativeness of Clearly Cruel Commercials
Have you ever heard anyone say Doritos are healthy for you?
Annoying commercials
Violent commercials
Ads offend blind people

Don't get me wrong, Doritos can be great if you look at it that way. They taste pretty good, they have amusing commercials, and they've even been added to a taco at Taco Bell.
Doritos are actually very bad if you take a look at their advertising, I noticed that in most of Doritos commercials there is violence. There is a kid slapping a guy, someone putting their hand in a bear trap, a dog electrocuting someone, and much more. Another detail I've seen in a Doritos commercial is that there is a birthday party and the birthday boy thinks a "fireman's" pole is one of his presents. But then the man clearly says that it's "for mommy." Remember that kids can see this and it is clear that this is a horrible commercial. Next, there is a commercial that involves a man trying to steal a blind guy's Doritos. What if your future kids get influenced to try theft? Even on handicaps! How would you feel? Also, there is a commercial when an old lady practically slingshots a baby to get Doritos. Again, what if kids see this and try stunts like this? If they tried it it would lead to deaths, which would lead to tragedy, which would lead to sadness. So try to
think of kids dying while enjoying a
delicious bag of Doritos.

Incomplex Intro to Interesting Information
I chose this company because they have lots of commercials. This company shows signs of violence and theft in their commercials and their target audience they want to teach this to is to people with lots of property like houses or pets. The people excluded is the people without a lot of property. The company that owns this is Frito-Lay.
Purpose of Prezi: To Deny Diabolical Deleterious Dangerous Doritos that DO DESTROY
Answers to Analyzation of Awful Actions Approved, Agreed on, and Alright by Arrogant Doritos
Commercials represent violence
Shows babies doing stunts
Commercials can be misleading
Can offend people who use guard dogs
Again, they're way too cheap to actually fill the bag up all the way. They're basically taking your money!
Bewildering Billboard of Bogus Blunders That Would Be Better Banned
The company that made this is
Frito-Lay so that they can get more
people to buy Doritos. There is a very
negative message in this magazine ad.
A lot of people actually use guard dogs
so no one will come into their house to
steal their property, so this magazine ad
is saying that their house and other
property is totally worthless . You know
who else uses guard dogs? Blind people
use guard dogs to guide them, or to protect them. So judging by Doritos' ads, they absolutely hate blind people, they made a commercial of stealing from a blind person and they're calling blind people worthless. This disempowers blind people and poor people, because they have no property to actually be guarded.
Authentic Analysis
The commercials are owned by Frito-Lay, they made it so they can get more people to buy Doritos. The target audience is people with a sense of humor, any age, any ethnicity, medium to rich class, any profession, and any interests. The text of the commercials is that the Doritos company is funny and that Doritos taste really good, but the subtext is that Doritos support violence, theft and kids dying. The kind of lifestyle that is presented is a good easy life, the values expressed are that the commercials are fun and amusing. The tools of persuasion is humor and flattery. The negative messages that is shown is theft and stupidity. (The man putting his hand in a bear trap just for a Dorito) These commercials empower people who own a lot of property but they also disempower poor people and blind people. The part of the story that is not being told is that the Frito-Lay company support violence and they hate blind people. You could probably get more information about this on a website that analyzes commercials.
Another Addition of Authentic Analysis Answers
The target audience is people with property. (Which is a lot of people) They can be any age, any ethnicity, medium to rich class, a good-enough profession, and any interests. The text of the message is that Doritos are very worthy of being guarded by something more "professional" than a guard dog. The subtext of the message is that all other property is worthless and that blind people are also worthless. The kind of lifestyle is an easy, protective life. The values that are expressed is that Doritos are so good that you should overprotect them. The tools of persuasion used is humor and intensity. (Company used over- exaggeration) The negative messages that are presented is that Doritos are better than most average items. This commercial empowers people with Doritos, it disempowers blind people and poor people once again. You can get more information on the Dorios website.
(Analysis of company as a whole)
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