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Alternative Energy

No description

Justin Gregory

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy
Wind Power
Fuels derived from plant waste and matter
Solar Power
Hydroelectric Power
What's Wrong With Fossil Fuels?
But How Much Are We Really Using?
Just looking at raw numbers, its easy to see
that we consume more than most of the world.
Let's Look at the Details
Fossil fuels are not infinite. This means that
we WILL eventually run out
Fossil fuels are low cost, however they have the highest production
of carbon emissions of any other energy source
Burning fossil fuels leads to:
Degradation of air quality
Acid rain
Higher carbon emissions, damaging the ozone layer
Climate change
We use fossil fuels in our cars, for electricity, for heating, and many other areas
What are fossil fuels anyway?
Fossil fuels are a natural fuel formed from the remains of long dead living organisms. They can take the form of oil, natural gas, and coal and can sometimes contain radioactive materials, which are released into the air when burned
However it's not all bad! We have plenty of ways of reducing our dependency on fossil fuels as well as access to alternative sources of energy!
Now let's take a look at some alternatives!
Solar power is power from harnessing energy from the sun's rays
Advantages of Solar Power
Does not require much space to install a panel
Solar panels can be used to produce electricity and heat from a completely clean and renewable source
The cost of installing solar panels pays off after a while in saved energy bills
Easy installation, low maintenance, and only annual cleaning required
Disadvantages of Solar Power
Can be unreliable in places where sunlight is scarce
Solar power can be quite expensive for the power output, compared to conventional power stations
Electricity produced through the flowing of water
Fossil fuels are the most widely used sources of energy, but we are starting to turn to more renewable energies
Some solar cells require heavy metals, such as Cadmium to produce.

Advantages of Hydro Power
Power produced at a constant rate
Low carbon emissions from hydro plants
Produces large amounts of power
High construction costs offset by the power station not needing fuel to power the station
The Downsides of Hydro Power
Large scale projects have large environmental effects
Alters the natural water table
Flooding from a breach can destroy huge areas
Forces local residents to leave area
Effects a rivers ability to denitrify its water before it reaches the ocean
Dam reservoirs trap nutrients and make algae blooms more likely

Electricity produced from the motion of the wind
Advantages of Wind Power
Renewable energy source
Completely clean energy
Friendly to the surrounding environment
Overall cost is low
Disadvantages of Wind Power
Can be quite loud
Possibly interferes with bird populations
Can be unreliable because wind isn't always blowing
Initial construction costs can be pricey
Pollution is produced in the production and construction of wind farms
Advantages of Biofuels
Cleaner than conventional fuels
Renewable; can be regrown
Supports local agriculture
Cuts down Carbon Dioxide emissions from cars
Significantly cheaper than fossil fuels
Disadvantages of Biofuel
Requires large quanities of water for irrigation
Land for food crops is unavailable
Deforesting for farmland releases carbon and harms the environment
Crops use large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers
Destroys ecosystems to create more farmland
Some plants can be grown on poor land quality
Thanks for watching!
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