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My Road Map

Module 5 Summative - Psychology

Lidia Villatoro

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of My Road Map

Steps to Success By: Lidia Villatoro Industry vs. Inferiority 1st Through 5th Grade Identity vs. Role Confusion 6th to 8th Grade Identity vs. Role Confusion 9th to 12th Grade 5 Year High School Reunion Intimacy vs. Isolation 10 Year High School Reunion Intimacy vs. Isolation 25 Year High School Reunion Generativity vs. Stagnation Birth to Kindergarten Trust vs. Mistrust Retirement Party Integrity vs. Despair Feeling safe with the tender love and care given to me. Sensorimotor Stage Developing my motor skills by playing with colored legos. Babbling Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt Getting sassy at 3 years old by picking my own clothes. Piaget's Pre-operational Playing house with friends. Initiative vs. Guilt Freedom to play! READY FOR MY VERY 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL! Mastering whole
sentence speech Social interaction with classmates is fun! Concrete Operations Mastering mathematical operations, such as my times tables. Industry vs. Inferiority Receiving the award that only 2 fifth graders receive at my fifth grade award ceremony was the most amazing feeling ever and it gave me confidence. Pre-conventional Morality Obeying the rules to avoid punishment. In middle school, I saw that everyone was wearing Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch brand clothing, so that's what I wanted to wear too. Later on, I discovered that those clothes didn't represent who I was, so I started buying clothes that were more "me" and now, I love what I wear! Fear: PEOPLE WOULDN'T ACCEPT ME BECAUSE I DRESSED A CERTAIN WAY Formal Operations At this point in time, I really loved the challenge math gave me. I was able to use abstract reasoning and other skills acquired to solve the math problems given to me. Conventional Morality I believed that people should live up to their family and community and behave in "good" ways. Good Behavior = Good Motives In high school, I was introduced to a new world. There were different sets of friends doing different kinds of activities. I felt lost in this new world; however, with the help of my sister, I was able to get through social pressures. My sister was a great, positive influence for me during high school! Fears: Giving into peer pressure
Not being socially accepted
College Accomplishments: June 8, 2013 I GRADUATE :) Post-conventional Morality I have a friend who's gay who had a hard time "coming out
of the closet." She was just like anyone else, human. I didn't let
this break our friendship. I supported her and I noticed I would
get angry at people who judged her and made her feel unaccepted.
This is where I really started to open my eyes and
where I realized how judgemental society really was.
We all have individual rights, but it seems like some
people do not understand what that means. My siblings also had a great influence on helping me develop speech. Encouraging parents and caring teachers led me to the pathway to success! I'll be 22 years old by then and I hope to have established a close relationship with someone, but I don't want to be married yet. Accomplishment: A graduate from a 4-year college with a BSN (bachelor of science in nursing)
Fear: Not finding a job Conventional Morality I hope to be engaged at this time. I'll be 27 years old and I'd like to show off my fiancé to my high school family. Post-conventional Morality With the support and love from my fiancé, soon we'll be able to start a family of our own. Accomplishment: I'll be working as a full-time nurse at a local pediatrician office in my area. Recently, NC held a ballot initiative that proposed to amend the North Carolina Constitution to limit the types of domestic unions valid or recognized. Unfortunately, majority vote approved the amendment. In twenty-five years, I hope this is up for voting again, so I, who wasn't old enough to vote before, will be able to vote against it. This ties in with post-conventional morality because in this stage you're more concerned with the innate rights of humans...and I believe this is a right anyone is entitled to despite sexual orientation. In this stage of my life, I'll be raising my very own family and I'll be working as a full-time pediatric nurse in order to support my family with the help of my husband as well. I'll be illustrating generativity because I'll be nurturing and guiding the next generation, my kids, which will be my greatest contribution to society. Fear: DEBT
Getting old Post-conventional Morality Fears: Not making friends
Riding the bus
Starting school
Being away from my mom for so long At this stage in my life, I can see myself advocating equal rights, especially equal marriage. I'll be mentally mature enough to understand political issues/concepts and other related topics and I'll also be guided by my own ethical principles. I did some research and a source stated that individuals do not always remain permanently at one level, but can shift between levels. With that being said, I feel like I'll be more worried about conforming to the expectations of the law at this age. NO SPEEDING AND IF THE LAW SAYS IT'S WRONG, IT'S WRONG. I'll be around 65 years old by this time and during this stage, I'll be reflecting back on the life I lived and thinking about what I have or have not accomplished. I aspire to feel proud of my accomplishments such as, graduating from college, receiving a degree, working in a career I love and developing and raising my own family. Feeling accomplished will give me a sense of fulfillment and a sense of integrity. I will be satisfied with the life I lived and I will be able to live the rest of it in content with my partner. Fear: Death Struggle: Medical problems Post-conventional Morality I'll be 65 year years old and you might think I'll be a conservative old lady, but that's not me. I'll still believe in the innate rights of humans and if I die and equal marriage still isn't an individual right, then I know I will have died trying. Works Cited - http://psychology.about.com/od/psychosocialtheories/a/trust-versus-mistrust.htm

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