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IFC Semantic Module Exchange

A Georgia Tech project to resolve bottleneck in developing IFC MVDs for different industry

Frank Wang

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of IFC Semantic Module Exchange

IFC Semantic Exchange Module Digital Building Laboratory, Georgia Tech Chuck Eastman
Donghoon Yang
Shani Sharif
Keresh Afsari
Yong Choel Lee
Mehdi Nourbakhsh
Michael Belsky Frank Wang IFC Semantic Exchange Module (SEM) Bottleneck in current IFC MVD base exchange Georgia Tech DBL SEM Project Originated from the PCI MVD Project
Chuck Eastman,
Rafael Sacks,
Manu Venugopal SEM in a Nutshell A workflow driven logical structure above IFC to extend Concept in generic modularity of IFC and software native data objects binding. It can be implemented to support dynamic composition to define new MVDs SEM Work-group established in Summer 2012 NBIMS IFC MVD Process MVD Certification and Version Coordination View I IFC 2X3 Coordination View II 5 Years?? IFC 2X4 MVD Development Process Domain experts define workflow and process Initiative from industrial consortium Information Delivery Manual (IDM) IFC Model View Definition required service
from specialist IFC MVD and Concept Not general or defined to be re-usable Many can be combined for testing without eliminating flexibility
Criteria are applied to their generality or well-formedness Defined incompletely Too low-level Not formally defined Time consuming 18-36 mos. Multiple man years Too rigid Satisfactory for contractual pass-offs, poor for collaboration Testing is onerous SW companies will be reluctant to support many MVDs MVD Concept Essences of SEM Module includes implementation of mappings to/from native model; if fully resolved once, need not be tested again: repetitive implementations should be done once and fully tested for re-use in all relevant contexts; allows re-definition of MVDs, ultimately interactively by users. SEM as an Extended Concept Concept is potentially more than an implementation module; it defines a semantic unit to be defined in a model for exchange (identifying user intent and software capability) If re-use of Concepts is to be realized, they need formal definition that guarantees their potential re-use and can be defined and implemented widely. SEM is Concept extended to include both IFC and native bindings; a logical structure above IFC that eliminates “plumbing connection details”; If SEMS can be combined and automatically compiled, then the mapping from IDM to MVD can be done interactively, e.g. in an afternoon. If SEMS can be tested and certified, then the total effort by SW companies is greatly reduced, because a SEM module need only be implemented & tested once Concepts should be modular, so that different concepts can be composed for re-use in different constructs without modifying module interfaces. SEM can be implemented to support dynamic composition by users, to define new MVDs for collaborative needs SEM Layer IFC Entities MVDs 800+ IFC entities, plus appx. 800 properties, relations Implementation modules that can be composed into varied model view translators MVD1 MVD2 SEM as a Specification E.g. A concrete beam concept as:
"A beam which material is Concrete 3000psi and shape presented as BRep solid”
Embodies Primary IFC-Entities and associated requirements SEM Module Certification A novel IFC MVD certification and validation Software certified SEM modules Required SEM modules in MVD A B C D E F G H A B C D H Certification and validation on SEM module If software conforms with a set of SEMs, it is possible to configure a MVD in run time either by the software vendors or users Who benefits from deploying SEM? 1st - Industry and consortium who are defining MVD 2nd - BuildingSmart (ISG) Shorter period to deliver and implement MVD Automatic testing and validation on MVD conformance
Easy and shorter certification period 3rd- Software vendors Greater reusability and modularity
User configurable MVDs and exchange scenario IFC Semantic Exchange Module (SEM) Framework roadmap & Prototype Implementation SEM Process Comparing to NBIMS Users IFC Experts Platform Experts Smart Users IFC Experts 1-3 hours 1 day - 3 Months 1 hr - 2 Months 10 min - 1day 1 hr - 1 week Define Needed SEMs in New Domain Select existing Generic SEMs that can be re-used in this new domain
Identify areas where new SEMS are needed (if any), using SEM Spec Tool
Build domain library for this set of SEMs Relies on slightly modified MVD Editing Web Tool: too allows identification of gaps in SEM definition and includes methods for specifying those gaps. Defining and Implement a New SEM SEM definition is based on SEM template:
Identify IFC binding that can represent SEM concepts; identify what other SEMS they relate to
Document SEM for implementation, including user library definitions
Identify rules needed to bind new SEMS to existing ones in UoD;
Implement and debug IFC half of SEM
Use one or more one API to link to Native structure
Develop internal validation test rules for testing at instance level
Repeat as needed for all new SEMs Steel MVD Website ACI MVD Website Process and workflow from domain experts http://dcom.arch.gatech.edu/aci/ Process mapping SEM Deployment Exchange requirement Prototype Where SEM is deployed? PCI BIM Standard http://dcom.arch.gatech.edu/pcibim/sems.aspx Framework Rule Engine March 2013 bSa demo
Prototype demo on expanding SEM configuration capability
Steel example EM11 with assembly, main-part, secondary, profiles, IFC location method, material, …
Optimization and retooling
Reusable and optimized reflected SEM DLL methods
Dictionary/Hash-table that stores reflected methods
Dictionary<string, FUNC<object, object>>
Binding namespace organization and structure
Need better namespace structure in SEM (a design aspect)
Correlate with SEM structures To Do Native/API Object Binding
Mapping logic(s) are mostly structured as Model API Extensions
Simple binding DLL that wraps SEM and mapped model object
(See source code) SEM Deployment Life Demo SEM Deployment Prototype in Tekla Structures Prototype Development SEM Application Native Binding SEM Class in Detail (II) SEM Class in Detail (I) SEM Definition Editor Process Incorporate IFC-Toolkit Providers SEM Definition Converter and Compiler SEM Implementation Framework Online SEM Editor interface
Create/Edit SEM definition
Input by consultants (e.g. GT)
Definitions are saved in database
Rule editing (in progress)
Editor runs on line via DotNetNuke Long-term Benefit for Software Vendors Maintenance
Enable unit testing- code level validation
Support agile development
Greater expandability
Regional chapters MVDs
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