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Yo Dawg

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Cloning

Human Cloning Good or Bad? Use of stem cells to cure disease.

Cloning is the cure for infertility. No-Clone Pro-Clone Could be used for realistic cosmetic

We might learn to switch cells on and off thus curing cancer. Most animal clones born today have
birth defects or rare abnormalities that
doom it to an early death. Clones might not be treated as
real people.

Might be illegal traded for personal gains

Clones might be abused for selfish reasons.

Clones might not feel that they have a choice in life. Risk of a shorter life depending on
age of somatic cell donor What is cloning Cloning: Verb To make an
copy of. In our context this means the creation of an organism with the exact genes as another. The first mammal ever cloned was
Dolly the sheep. There were other times where by definition you could say that cloning occurred. For example, cloning individual cells or splitting an embryo. identical Then how is
cloning done? A somatic cell containing a complete
set of chromosomes is isolated from an animal you want to clone. An egg is isolated from a
different animal of the
same species and the nucleus containing all the DNA is removed. The egg and somatic cell are
fused together with an electric pulse.
This means that the egg now has
only DNA from the first animal. The new egg is now implanted in
a surrogate mother. The offspring
will now have the exact genes as the somatic cell donor and therefore be a clone. Three types of cloning Reproductive: What we just discussed. Used for duplicating entire species. Therapeutic: Scientist first remove a stem cell by breaking down a human embryo. These stem cells can then be turned into any kind of cell. Used mostly for replicating organs. DNA Cloning: A small fragment of DNA is duplicated. This method is mostly used for research. So far sheep, pigs, cats, horses,tadpoles, rats, rabbits, dogs, and humans have all been reproductively cloned. Possibility to reverse aging using same technology used in cloning.

Learn to easily treat heart attack victims. The Scientist
James Ring The Ethicist
Gavin Mullis The Legislator
Korban Cooper Scientist Additional pros- help endagered
species and bring back extinct ones, less birth defects in children, easily obtainable replacement organs.
Additional cons-Everything might just go wrong, might cause pain to the clone, clone might feel out of the ordinary.
Scientist Verdict-Possibilities that could come from this exceeds the minor risks that might occur.
Current Research?-Human cloning, animal cloning, and lots of stem cell research. Ethicist Additional pros-Great minds could be preserved,
extinct species saved for future generations.
Additional cons-The clone might feel that its life is already planned out and it has no say in its future, people would abuse their ability to clone by selling organs at high prices or selling slaves.
Ethicist Verdict- We should not clone. If we do we are putting to much trust in peoples moral ideals.
Who should decide to ban or allow cloning?-The people. It should be chosen the same way we vote laws.
What should be the moral standard?-Just treat the clones as we treat normal people. Also don't take advantage of people. This goes for clones and sick people in need for an organ transplant. Legislator Current policies concerning cloning-most places
do not approve of reproductive cloning. Only some approve
of therapuetic, but almost all approve of DNA cloning.
Legislator Verdict- Cloning should banned and the government should have strict control on what cloning is allowed.
Is there a potential need to control and direct research and experiment on cloning? Who should hold this power? Why? - Yes there is so that people do not take advantage of it. The government should hold this power so that no one person or buisness goes power hungry. Final Verdict James
Scientist Gavin
Ethicist Korban
Legislator Our group is against
human cloning. We feel that
it is too risky to put this power
in a select few's hands.
Reproductive cloning is an
extremely risky project; DNA
cloning is resonable and possibly
therapuetic,but overall we
believe that the risk out weigh the
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