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Theodore Boone: The Accused

No description

Lexi R

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: The Accused

Theodore Boone: The Accused Theodore Boone Antagonist The antagonist in the story is the person
who committed the crime
of stealing items from an
electronic store and framed
Theo. The criminal would
have to be someone who
has something against Theo,
but he doesn't know anybody
who does.
So who could it be? Problem In Theodore Boone: The Accused, Theo has a lot of
problems come up but the main problem is that he is
accused of robbing items from an electronic store.
The majority of the town believes he is guilty but Theo
knows he has been framed so his main goal is to prove
he is innocent. Setting-Where Setting-When a Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Theodore Boone has been through a lot to clear his name which shows his determination. He came up with ideas of how it could have been done, went through files of suspects and much more to find the criminal and it paid off. The fact that he could figure out who the criminal was
also shows that he is
Plot Theo's locker is broken into and
he finds that some of his personal
items are stolen. He also goes outside and sees that his bike tire
has been slashed. One of Theo's friends comes to Theo telling him
about a person he knows who is selling
unreasonably cheap tablets to other students.
Theo is interested because this person could be
the real criminal. Theo and his uncle find the criminals' names and
when one of the teachers stops them in the hall, they
find that they have a lot of electronics they could
never afford. After a little more investigating, they find all of the stolen items in the criminals' possession. It is confirmed that the boys with the stolen tablets
and phones framed Theo. The boys then went to
court where they haven't finalized it, but are going
to be proven guilty. Everyone now knows that Theo was
not the one who stole the tablets. Theo's reputation is cleared and he is
no longer 'The Accused'. The use of smartphones, laptops and the
fact that stolen tablets and phones were found in Theo's locker indicates that the book is set in the
modern day time period. Theo and his uncle Ike
also tried to hack a computer for information and because they were successful, it shows that By: John Grisham The story was put in a variety of settings
like Boone & Boone, Theo's parents' work
office, and at his house but the main setting is at
Theo's school. Theo found that some of his
items were stolen in his locker at school and
they found two of the missing tablets at the
school. It is where they find most of the clues
and eventually, the criminals. In the beginning
of the story, Theo
was his usual self.
Easy going, happy,
just a normal, nice
kid but as soon as
he found out that his items were stolen and his bike tire was
slashed, he became upset for obvious reasons. That is just
the start of his changing moods throughout the story.
These changing moods proves that he is a dynamic
character. their knowledge about computers is strong.
With all we are learning about computers now
compared to an older time period has grown so it
shows that it is in modern time. Project by: Lexi Riga Tuleja
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