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Max D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antartica

Animals Antarctica Food Chain Here is a list of common
animals in Antarctica. Bibliography peguins seals sea birds unfcc.int www.vtaide.com fish squid Many animals eat something, and
then, get eaten themselves. For example plankton are eaten by small fish, small fish are eaten by penguins and penguins are eaten by killer whales. This chart will show you the food web for Antarctica. whales & killer whales shrimp & plankton Climate Antarctica has six months of daylight and six months of darkness. During the winter, Antarctica is slanted away from the sun,making it dark. For the half of the year that is summer, Antarctica is facing the sun and getting more of its direct sunlight. library.thinkquest.org max wwww.strikingattheroots.com www.icestories.com Antarctica is the coldest, highest and driest place on earth.-89°C on July 21,1983 is the coldest temperature in Antartica.In Winter the temperature is-40 to -70°C and in Summer-15 to -35°C.

http://wiki.answers.com/ http://www.antarcticconnection.com/ Explorers In December 1911, the first trip to the South Pole was held. The journey was made by a Norwegian scientist,Roald Amundsen,he lived from 1872 to 1928. He was the first one to make it back to his home, other scientists were not as lucky.

In 1911, a British trip was led by Robert Falcon Scott. He reached the South Pole five weeks after Amundsen. Instead of using normal materials, like down parkas and other Antarctic winter materials, they used wool. Wool is not a very heavy material. When Scott and his crew were leaving and hiking back to their ship, wearing wool, they stopped for a break about a mile from their ship. It was so cold that they froze to death. Scott was born in 1868 and died in 1912, the year after he arrived there.

There are four Australian bases
Macquarie Island
These bases are all on the same side of antartica.
At this present time this is what the bases are studying
Science overview
Penguin paleohistory
Human Impacts
Space & Atmospheric Sciences

Macquarie Island-
Science overview
Human Impacts
Science overview
Human Impacts
Space & Atmospheric Science
Adelie penguin program
Science overview
Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Human Impacts
Space & Atmospheric Sciences
Live atmospheric data
Probing the atmosphere with LIDAR
Davis MFSA radar
Davis VHR radar
Rifting & calving of the Amery Ice Shelf

www.add.gov.au h hihihihihih Leopard Seal - named because of the colour patterns on its fur and its angry nature Adelie Penguin-
the Adelie gets a mate when the male drops a pebble at the females feet Orca-
The Orcas body
can tolerate
many different temperatures so that why you find them all over the world.
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