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How to make a Prezi from an old Powerpoint

....and how to embed it in the new VLE

liz foulis

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of How to make a Prezi from an old Powerpoint

How to take an old Powerpoint and make it all nice and new in Prezi and then embed it in the new VLE 1. Go to http://prezi.com/pricing, scroll down till you see ‘Student and Teachers’ and follow arrow to sign up.

2. Click on ‘New Prezi’, title it, and add a wee description, then click ‘new prezi’, then ‘open me’.

3. Under the Prezi click on ‘Edit Prezi’, choose ‘blank’, then ‘start editing’ 4.On the circles at the top left of the screen you will see ‘insert’, click on it, then choose ‘PPT’, you will be prompted to open a document.

5.Find your powerpoint and click ‘open’. It’ll load on the right hand side of the screen

6.Now click ‘insert all’ and choose a layout. Now tick the box ‘add a path between your slides’, then ‘insert’ (there is a circle there to the left that you don’t need, so click on it and then click the wee red bin to get rid of it. 7.Now click ‘show’ to see your nice new Prezi. Sometimes the writing or images can need slightly repositioned. If you click on the area you can drag them to the right place with the little hand.

8.If you would like a different theme go to the circles at the top left again and click on ‘theme’, you can try out which one you like best. If you want, you can also make your own theme, add a background image or a logo etc.

9.Now go to ‘exit’ and where you see a red padlock on the right hand side click whichever publication authorization you would like (remember you can also search for other people’s public Prezis….you may find one that’s just right for your course) 10.Now got to ‘Share’ on the bottom right, and click. Click ‘embed’ and ‘copy code to clipboard’

11.Go to your course in the VLE and turn the editing on

12.Scroll down to ‘Resources’, then ‘page’ and ‘add’. Scroll down to the ‘content’ box and clock on the little ‘HTML’ box. Paste into the box and then click ‘update’

13.Now name and give a brief description, go to the bottom and ‘save and display’ 14. Et Voila! A beautiful new learning resource! (nb. if you view the prezi full screen, you will have to press ‘ESC’ on your keyboard to get back to the VLE)
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