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Bush Fires

Marcus Greenfield 6R bush fire Project

marcus greenfield

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Bush Fires

What are Bush Fires?
Bush Fire Smoke/Health
Bush fire smoke is a mixture of different particles , water vapor and gases, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. How smoke effects you is based on your age. Some existing medical conditions are asthma, or heart disease and the period of the time you are in the smoke and inhaling it.
Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday is a series of bush fires that happened in the southern, eastern parts of Australia on the 16 Febuary 1983, which was Ash Wednesday on the Christian calender. Within 12 hours, 180 fires erupted caused destruction among the states of Victoria and South Australia
Bush Fires in Australia
Bush Fires in Australia are frequent events during the hotter days of the year due to climate change (mostly hot!). Each year, such fires impact extensive areas. While they can cause property damage and loss of human life, certain native flora in Australia have evolved to rely on bush fires as a means of reproduction and fire events are interwoven and an essential part of the ecology or the continent.
Bush Fires
Planning For a Bushfire
1. Discuss what to do if a bushfire threatens your home!
2. Prepare and get your home ready for bushfire season!
3. Know the bushfire alert levels!
4. Keep all the bushfire information numbers, websites and the smartphone.
A Bush Fire is a fire that burns in grass, woodland, bush, and even threatens life, property and the environment. In the ACT, which is also called the bush capital, we have encouraged the 'bush' to grow within our city so this means we will experience both bushfire in far lands and in the suburbs.
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