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The Mississippi post

No description


on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Mississippi post

*Elvis Presly was born in Tupelo, Mississippi
*The oldest Holiday inn is in Mississippi
*Worlds largest shrimp in Pascagoula
*Mississippi suffered the largest percent of dead soldiers out of all the confederate states in the civil war
*Milk is the state drink
*Root beer was invented in Mississippi
*Coca-cola was first bottled in Wicksburg, Mississippi
*Mississippi delta is the birth place of the blues
*The first nuclear submarine was produced in Mississippi
*The rarest North American crane lives in Mississippi
*Morgan Freeman grew up in Charleston,Mississippi
Emerald mound
Mississippi's geographical location
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
10 extraordinary facts of Mississippi
The Vicksburg National Military park
The area of Mississippi is 48,434 square miles
The Vicksburg National Military park, is a national park dedicated to describeing both how President Davis,and Lincoln, knew the importance of Vicksburg in the civil war. This could interest a historian, because they could want to know more about the civil war, or Vicksburg.
*One main factor of Mississippi's economy, is farming, as the soil is very good from the Mississippi river
*Mississippi also makes money off of fishing
*Companies make paper and furniture, since much of Mississippi is forest.
*Mississippi also makes money off of beaches.
*1817 Mississippi becomes the 20th state
*1830 native americans are forced to move to Oklahoma
*1840 the Natchez tornado kills 300 people
*1927 the great Mississippi flood devastates the state
Emerald mound is located near Stanton,Mississippi. Emerald mound is 35 ft. tall, and 770 by 435 at the base. It has two mounds on it, though it used to have 8. It was built in between 1200, and 1730 CE. It was used as a ceremonial center, as well as built close to an old emerald mine, hence the name.
The interesting history of Mississippi, and how it could concern a scientist
Mississippi's current governor senators, and capital
The Mississippi economy
4 different maps of Mississippi
Important events
The Mississippi post
Capital: Jackson
Governor: Phil Bryant
U.S. senators: Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker
*no republicans were elected governor of Mississippi between 1874 and 1991
*Half of Mississippi is covered in forest
*Mississippi has many flat plains and hills
*There are rivers
*A few islands in The Gulf of Mexico are actually part of Mississippi

This is a picture of the Vicksburg National military park
#1 A political map of Mississippi
#2 A road map of Mississippi
#3 A population map of Mississippi.

#4 A climate map of misissippi.
Mississippi's historical location
Ammadelle is located in Oxford,Mississippi. It was designed by Calvert Vaux, and built by Thomas E.B Pegues. It is made of red bricks, with a white italianate trim, and black shudders. Though it was made in the civil war, the only thing they had to change was 3 mantels. It was declared a historic landmark in 1974.
Mississippi's state capital
Jackson is the capital of Mississippi.
Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi.
The area of Jackson was originally called Parkerville.
Jackson was planned by Peter Van Dorn in April of 1822.

FUN Location
Jackson Zoo
The Jackson zoo serves up to 167,000 visitors daily.
The zoo raised $7,000,000.
The Jackson zoo also owns 776 animals. There are 12 endangered animals, and 120 different species.
Mississippi's economic location
Mississippi Delta
Before the civil war, The Mississippi Delta
was one of the richest cotton producing plants in the nation. But it required African American slaves. Though many people moved away, the population is still made heavily of African Americans. Even though it is called a delta, it is actually part of an alluvial plain.Rock and roll music originated in
The Mississippi Delta.
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