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on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Indiana

Indianapolis Zoo

Economic location
10 fun facts of Indiana!!
1. Indiana is home to one of the best basketball players in the world, Larry Bird

2. Indiana is the home of the Indy 500, a racing company.

3. Indiana is also home to Meg Cabot, a famous author

4.state bird: Cardinal

5.state tree: Tulip Tree
6. state flower: Peony

7. state stone: limestone [I think because Indiana is famous for manufacturing]

8. This is the home of Michael Jackson, too

9. Indiana is home to Mark Spitz, a 7 olympic gold medalist

10.NBA team: Indiana Pacers
This is the Lucas Oil stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. I chose the Lucas Oil stadium because it is a big part of the economy and, because of Peyton Manning, the Colts have won a super bowl!!
friday, march 21,2014

famous sand dunes
geographic location
Political location
My political location is Indianapolis. The reasons I chose this location is one, this is where the governor, Mike Pence, lives. Another reason is because this is the capital. Also, this is the place where they invented the Indy 500. Finally, I chose this place because Indianapolis is a very political place in Indiana.
Indiana/IN BY: PETER
sand dunes in Indiana.This is my geographic location because sand dunes are part of the states land.
These are the famous
My economic location is the Indianapolis zoo. I chose this location because many people go there to see animals so Indiana gets money. Also, when some people think of Indianapolis they think of the zoo so its famous. Another reason is that it is a popular place in Indiana. Finally, I chose the zoo for my economic location because it gets a lot of money.
Historic location
My historic location is George Rogers Clark National historical Park. I chose this location because it is a very historic location in Indiana. The park is located in Vincennes, Indiana. It has a classical memorial in memory of Franklin Roosevelt.This is a great place to visit because it has been standing for a while.
This is a population map of Indiana.
this is a climate map of Indiana
this is a topographic map of Indiana.
This is a weather map of Indiana
map distance
Sand Dunes to Lucas Oil stadium is 165 miles

Lucas Oil stadium to Indianapolis zoo is 3.9 miles

Indianapolis zoo to George Rogers Clark Park is 129 miles

GRCP to Indianapolis is 130 miles

Indianapolis to WCE is 1,077 miles

1,540 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Indianapolis
Now For The Video
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