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Current Event: Europe

No description

chase newell

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Current Event: Europe

Current Event: Europe
A There is an estimated 40,000 people from North Korea that are in Russia being subjected to forced labor. People are also taken out of Russia, so people are shipped into Russia and out of Russia. Human trafficking is also a problem in Albania where they also force children to beg.The Albanian government is trying to stop human trafficking. 90% of victims of sexual exportation in Germany come from Europe. In the last ten years an estimated 1,000 from China were forced to Germany were they are forced to work in restaurants. In Germany they have found that a lot of the offenders of human trafficking were not going to prison. Human trafficking is obliviously a problem for the world. Anytime when there is this much suffering it is d- a problem for the world. The Soviet Union's downfall is the reason for increased human trafficking in Europe. Another reason is for the solders in the Balkans. They are also responsible for the increase of human trafficking in Europe. Obstacles that block solutions to the problem of human trafficking are many. One is that it is hard figure out where it is going on. It is hard to find out who the trafficker's are. Sometimes it is also dangerous for someone to testify against them. Today human trafficking influences me in a number of ways. It makes me sad that such awful things are going on even right at this moment. It upsets me that the different governments have not found solutions even though some of them are making progress. It scares me and disgusts me that people could do such terrible things. In the future I don't know how it will effect me. It depends on how things are at that time. If the situation is the same I imagine I would feel worse about it because it would have been going on for longer.
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