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Portrait Photography

Photo II

Melanie Rapp

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Portrait Photography

Can You Make a Living?
Steve McCurry
Project Requirements
Clothing and props
What is Portrait Photography?
It's all about the LIGHT!
Body Language
Window Light
Afghan Girl
As far as equipment is concerned, the lens is the most important piece of equipment. In our class we have fixed lenses, which are recommended since they can open up to a large aperture. Lensbaby lenses are a creative way to explore portraits and extremely shallow depth of field. The fisheye lens is also a creative option for full body portraits.
What type of gear do you need?
Portrait Photography
Portrait photography is the taking of pictures of a person or group of people. The mood, personality, and expression are conveyed through the subject.
http://digital-photography-school.com/portrait-gear-essentials/ (Camera Gear)
There are thousands
of modeling
companies that ask
photographers to take portraits.
Even if working for a big cooperation
is not in your comfort zone, many
families will pay for family portraits.
In 2013, the starting pay for a company photographer was $34,000 a year.

http://work.chron.com/much-money-annually-portrait-photographer-make-19317.html (Money$$)


McCurry was born Feb, 24th, 1950 in Pennsylvania, and attended Penn State University; graduating in 1974. He became interested in photography while taking photos for their school newspaper. He enjoyed capturing portraits displaying multiculturalism. In the end, he graduated with a degree in theater arts when he originally wanted to get his degree in cinematography and film-making. Soon after graduating, he traveled to India to begin his journey as a photographer.
In the 28 years McCurry has been a professional photographer under the Magnum Photos Agency (1986), he has accomplished many prize winning photos, and LOTS of awards. The background picture is one of his most famous pieces called "Afghan Girl" and was shot in Pakistan in 1985. This was featured in The National Geographic and was deemed the "most recognizable photo" in National Geographic's history.
Does He Have a Website?

This is his official website where the public or possible clients can view his works and get in contact with him.
Lensbaby Lens
Fisheye Lens
Sean Davis
This image is BACKLIT by the sun and filled with a professional flash.

To do this:

1. Have your subject's back to the sun or light source.
2. Use a professional flash.
3. Shoot on manual and adjust exposure through aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
Window light is a great natural light source.
Especially in the winter!
Claire Martin
Saoirse Ronan
Whatever you use for a background, make sure it does not distract from the subject. Plain backgrounds are best, but sometimes the background communicates needed information.
Sarah Allegra
For formal portraits, here are some clothing tips:
1. Long sleeve shirts. V-necks for females and button-up shirts for males.
2. For groups, have them stick to the same color groups (all white, all black, etc).
3. Avoid logos and patterns.
4. Head-to-toe: Even shoes are important!
Props are usually used for baby portraits and senior portraits.
NEXT: Who will inspire you?
1. Research a photographer. Shoot at least one portrait in their style. Turn in a summary of their work, with your image, on your blog.
2. Five portraits total are due.
3. Compositional Rules applied.
4. Attention to background.
5. Attention to expression, body language,
clothing, props, symbolism.
6. Retouch: Remove blemishes, stray hairs...
7. Turn in to blog and server.
Essential Questions
Enduring Understanding
Effective communication impacts results.
Photography is a means of communication.

What does effective communication look like?

How can we communicate effectively in portraiture?
Leslie Nowlin
It's all about the details...
Clients want their portraits retouched.

This means this stray hair has to go!

Also, fixing blemishes is necessary.

Some clients wish to have wrinkles removed, shine removed from skin, and so on.

Having the right Photoshop tools is important!
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