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A Nation of Immigrants

An introduction to a chapter about immigration in the USA with the coursebook Full Impact (Hachette Education)

Germain Ducros

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of A Nation of Immigrants

1840 - 1882
1965 - 2014...
1882 - 1924
A Nation of Immigrants
1500 - 1840
The Colonial Period
Millions of West Africans were forced to work on sugar or cotton plantations. This was the age of slavery.
1840 - 1882
15 million immigrants
Irish people escaped starvation and persecution by the British and became factory workers or helped build canals and railroads.

German skilled workers came in large numbers and settled in new cities.

Chinese migrants came to the West Coast to build railroads. Exclusion laws banned immigrants from China in 1882.
1882 - 1924
Ellis Island
Millions of new immigrants came from Russia, Poland, Italy, Greece, etc.
They arrived in New York City through Ellis Island. They did dangerous work in mines or factories.

Conditions were so difficult that 40% eventually returned home.

In 1921 and 1924, quota laws were passed to strictly limit immigration.
The post-1965 period
Immigration laws were revised.

New immigrants from the Caribbean, Latin America, West Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia have been seeking jobs or political and religious freedom.
Statue of Liberty, NYC, NY
Designed by Gustave Eiffel
Built in the 1870s
Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island.
Symbol of hope and new opportunities
after a long journey crossing an ocean.
Columbus taking possession of the new country.
(Chromolithograph, 1893, Copyright by L. Prang & Co., Boston.)
What do you know about the waves of immigration?

1. Give reasons why some people want to leave their countries.

2. Imagine reasons why immigrants have been attracted to the US over the last four centuries.

3. Which is the only group of people who were forced to come to the US?

4. Among the following origins, which immigrants settled in southern states, and which settled on the East Coast?
The Europeans - the Chinese - the Japanese - the Hispanics

Edward Percy Moran (American artist, 1862-1935) Pilgrim's Landing (early 1900s), oil on canvas, 23" x 29". Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Mass.
Immigrants from Britain, Spain, France and Holland settled in the East.

They were poor people looking for work, peace or religious freedom.
1500 - 1840
The Colonial Period
African slaves on cane fields
, by William Clarke 1823.
Library of Congress : Chinese migrants working on the Union Pacific Railroad.
New migrants waiting for a ferry to the city.

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