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Keeping Corner

No description

Rocky Nguyen

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Keeping Corner

Keeping Corner
Rashmira Sheth
Presented By:
Rocky Nguyen

Leela - The main character, a 12 year old indian girl

Ba- Leela's mother

Kanubhai - Leela's brother

Bapuji - Leela's father

Saviben - Leela's teacher
Leela, a 12 year old girl who is suppose to marry a boy named Ramanlal.

Her marriage was arranged by her parents, a traditional custom in Indian culture.

" You're not a child anymore " (Sheth.8).
Leela and Ramanlal meet at a fair and he urges to give her a letter which she didn't take.

The next day, Leela is informed that Ramanlal has died from a deadly snakebite

" A snake bit Ramanlal '' (Sheth.49).
With Ramanlal dead, Leela now must live the widow life.

She cannot leave her house for 1 year (Keeping Corner)

Certain traditions and customs had to be followed when her husband died.

She can now no longer wear her nice things and even got her hair shaved off.

" I wont let anyone touch my hair! " (Sheth.59).
Leela soon becomes lonely and bored

She doesnt do much in her house but help cook, clean, or get food.

She misses her old life, she misses Ramanlal
Soon, Leela's brother comes and visits her while he takes a break from school.

Kanubhai comes home to help Leela in her time of need because he knows Leela is being forced into the widow life traditional.

He argues with their parents trying to convince them to let Leela go to school in Ahmendabad, it would be something for her to do.

He soon leaves and Leela is lonely again.
With Khanubhai gone, Leela's parents took his words into consideration.

They hire a homeschool teacher, a lady named Saviben.

She is a regular nice teacher, that Leela likes because of the nice clothes Saviben would wear whens she come visits.
Leela and Saviben soon create a friendship, Leela would be happy because Saviben would make the long days better.

Saviben knows that Leela needs a friend around.

Leela would say that Saviben clothes were colorful and bright, the colors would make her happy and feel better.

She misses her own clothes and nice jewelery.
Saviben gives Leela a journal, so that she can write anything she wants in it but she must write.

Leela starts off by writing down things that she would hear or see around the house everyday.

When she began to get bored with sounds and sights, she starts to write about her thoughts and feelings.

It was something to do while she was keeping corner.
She begins to write poetry on her own, and shows Saviben her work.

Saviben finds her poetry amazing, she decidedes that Leela would no longer need a teacher.

Saviben takes a vacation

Leaving Leela lonely again.
1. You should always respect your parents but you should always live your own life and make your own decisions.
2. No matter how trapped you physically feel, you can always explore different worlds mentally.
1. Culture Gram states that indian women wear certain types of jewelry and in this book, the author mentions alot about Leela and how she loved her jewelry.
Culture Gram states that marriage is arranged by the parents ("Republic of India").

The book is almost basically about the main character Leela having a arranged marriage.
Work Cited
Sheth, Rashhmira, Keeping Corner, New York:Hyperion, 2007, Print

"Republic of India."
. CultureGrams, 2013. Web. 13 Dec. 2013.
" Do i have to go on living like this forever. " (Sheth.154)
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