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How to Take Good Notes

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Kelly Poyck

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of How to Take Good Notes

more A Presentation by:
Group 1 How to: Take Good Notes A format of taking notes that works for YOU and helps you to remember the information best. Why do we take notes? -The information your professor says could be on a test.

-If you take good notes, you can study them later for a test/quiz instead of having to read the entire chapter(s). Charting Method Methods of Note-Taking
(There are multiple) Cornell Method Outlining Method What is "good" note-taking? Here's a 5-minute video full of more helpful note-taking tips! Mapping Method A Fun Activity! You will be shown a 2 and a half minute video about Ocicats. Your job is to take notes about this video using ONLY symbols/pictures. The purpose of taking notes is to write down key-concepts, main ideas, and supporting details in an organized manner. The format in which you organize this information is totally up to you. Sentence Method Free-Style Method This method is exactly what it sounds - free-style.

Note-taking is for your benefit.
If using symbols or different colored pens
works for you, then feel free to use them! Strategies for Note-Taking Before taking notes: Some interesting Facts about taking notes! Studies show 20 minutes after you've learned something - you've forgotten 47% of it While Taking Notes Listen for key-terms, concepts, main
ideas, and supporting details Final Words of Advice Your notes are YOUR notes - organize
or format them any way you please. After It's all said & done... Polish your notes within 24 hours Who'd like to share what they wrote down? Why is taking notes so important Taking good notes will help you to gain organizational skills that will continue to benefit you throughout your life and career. Create a positive affirmation about taking notes Assemble appropriate supplies Complete homework assignments before attending class Go over notes from previous class sessions Prepare a list of questions Eliminate distractions Attend every class Arrive early and choose a good seat Be organized! When considering WHAT to put in your notes: Ask questions Listen for verbal cues Watch for visual cues Stay focused to recap: Choosing a method that works for you & helps you
to remember information best is what's important.

Remember: Taking notes should also act as a form of learning. Compare notes with a friend Keep in mind: Note-taking is a valuable skill & will be helpful
in many aspects of your life! Thank you for your time and attention! Having these skills will definitely come in handy in all of your college classes! Students record 90% of the main ideas but only 11% of supporting details when taking notes Material written on the board is more effective and makes it into students notes more often than information delivered verbally Only 10% of orally given information will make it into the average students notes
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