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Opportunities, Challenges and Power of Media Information

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Kenna Lizaso

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Opportunities, Challenges and Power of Media Information

Economic impact
Economic actors need accurate and timely information to allocate resources efficiently. Investors and other groups increasing value and demand a governance-monitoring role from the media. A free and independent press can provide information and monitoring to the economic policy development process leading to more effective economic policies. It can also reduce political risk and increase good governance—conditions that are important for robust economic development.
- Media enhances political coordination in the development of sound economic policy

- Media sector development can reduce political risk, increasing stability for higher risk countries

Media improves the efficiency of the economy by providing actors more and better information with which to make decisions and improving stability.

Distribution of information
Avail names
Job hiring
Freedom of expression
Informing and Keeping the mass up to date
Empower citizen
The Media and Information can function to strengthen and enrich the connections between citizens and intermediary organization including political parties, social movement, as well as the economy.

The spread of new freedoms and extent of frontiers of freedom that the public authorities have often attempted to control; religious freedoms, gender, ethnicity and sexual freedoms based on social and cultural identities
Media and information's
Opportunities, Challenges and Power of Media Information
News industry
Film production
Entertainment programs
Mobile Communications
Advertising and
Public relations.

Media and Information in Education

In-Sites Using Video

As we know from the recent ubiquity of online digital video, video has become a compelling tool for educational representation. Students use it in their projects; teachers and pre-service teachers use it to study pedagogy; and, researchers use it for capturing and examining how learning happens, as they unfold

The Perspectivity Framework

Perspectivity frames how learners, teachers, and researchers make meaning of events from both individual and multiple points of viewing.

The Highly Visual Evolution

Learners have been able to integrate a variety of digital media forms into documents. Multimedia, hypermedia, new media are the terms we have used to describe this use of visual media in learning. Of course, this is not the beginning of our use of a variety of media to learn. People have always used diverse visual media to communicate with each other and learn

How to feed information and distribute it

Often challenge by political problems of traditional realm
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