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Euro Trip- Maria Jose Ordonez, Isabella Calidonio

No description

Mariajose Ordonez

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Euro Trip- Maria Jose Ordonez, Isabella Calidonio

Isabella Calidonio
Maria Jose Ordonez
10D EURO-TRIP NEW YORK We will travel from New York to Moscow October 1 at 7:15pm, after several hours of flying, we will arrive at Milan at 9:25am October 2. A couple of hours later we will fly to our final destination, Moscow at 5:40pm, October 2. We will leave Moscow October 5, at 2:30pm, arriving at London at 3:40 pm, same day. This will be done by plane, by Easy Jet, total cost will be $206. Itinerary Itinerary October 2: Arrive
to Moscow October 3 - Bunker-45 Tour

11 am - 1pm
Price: $64/person Total: $128 -Transportation: Taxi -Orlov Paleontology Museum of Paleontology Institute
1:30pm - 4:00 pm
Price: $2.62/person
Total: $5.24
Transportation: Taxi -Armoury

4:30 pm - 6:15pm (Duration: 1 hr and 45 min) Price: $22.88/person Total: $45.76-Transportation: Taxi -Cathedral of Assumption

6:40 pm - 7:40 pm
Price: Free
Transportation: Taxi Our first tour will be the Bunker-45 Tour. This tour is a small
monument to the Cold War, with the purpose to make you feel like you're in the USSR top secret military underground. We thought this was really interesting and it really grabbed our attention. We are both into history about wars and we found this tour as a great opportunity to learn a little more about the Cold War in the USSR's perspective. Our second tourist spot is a Paleontology Museum. We both also like to observe fossils and study pre-historic life. The Orlov Paleontology Museum of Paleontology Institute is considered to be one of the largest natural history museums of the world. Dinosaurs and Mammoths are one of the displays in the Museum which we are more interested in. We look forward to visiting this Museum! The Armoury is said to be one of the most popular places in Moscow. It is a treasure-house that contains precious ancient and valuable items. It is the largest collection of gold and silverware by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, ceremonial weapons and arms, carriages, horse ceremonial harness. Since we are both Catholic, we would like to visit some of the attractions that involve our religion. The Cathedral of the Assumption is one of the most popular Cathedrals in Moscow and it has great reviews. People have said it's very beautiful architecturally and that it's a really peaceful place. ITINERARY OCTOBER 5 -Arrive at London- 3:40pm Walk around Piccadilly Circus

Cost: None
Transportation: London Underground System
Walking Parliament

Cost: None
Transportation: Walking Big Ben

Cost: None
Transportation: Walking London Eye

Cost: $45
Transportation: Walking Piccadilly Circus

This attraction includes walking around and entering tiny shops and visiting small restaurants. It has the Shaftesbury memorial fountain right in the middle. It contains neon signs and video displays all around it, combined with round-cornered buildings. Great tourist attraction in which people just relax and enjoy the traffic of tourists. October 4 - Gorky Park
11 am - 1:30 pm
Price: Free
Transportation: Taxi Kremlin Tour

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Price: $51/person
Total: $102
-Transportation: Taxi/Walking - Moscow Museum of Modern Art

4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Price: $4.90/per person
Total: $9.8
-Transportation: Chekhovskaya metro station Besides looking at the historical side of Moscow, we want to admire its natural beauty. Gorky Park is said to have a beautiful view and its full of activites like a Feris Wheel, roller coasters and ice skating. This is the one site we could not miss. In Moscow, the Kremlin is THE tourist spot. The Kremlin is a fortress in the center of Moscow full of history and Kremlin Spirit. The once home of the Tsars and communist leaders a Russia is a must-go in Moscow and luckily we will be taking a guided tour around its most important spots. We will finish the day with the Musuem of Modern Art. We both have an interest in Art and this Museum has many famous paintings that we can admire. It has a variety of things to observe. From the sculpture garden, to the modern and contemporary art section. October 5 - Diamond Fund Exhibition

10 am - 12 am
Price: $16.35/person
Total: $32.7
Transportation: Aleksandrovksy Sad - Leave to London at 2:30 pm The Diamond Fund Exhibition is filled with unique and beautiful from the fabulous collection of Russia's state jewels. As girls, jewels grab our attention and specially these of so much value. It ranks among the world's most spectacular display of jewels and there is no way we where going to miss the opportunity to visit it. Place to Stay P Packing List
Since the weather will be significantly cold for us, we will pack big sweaters, boots, thermal clothes for the nights, some wool hats to keep our heads warm, scarfs, both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts and mitten for if it gets too cold. Cultural Do's and Donts DO's:

Respect the metro. Don't speak loudly or make a fool of yourself on the metro. It is considered rude, and it will just make Russians think less of Americans.
• In the right situation do not be shy. In class, in the dorm, and in other safe social situations do not be afraid of making mistakes while trying out your Russian tongue. Most Russians are truly warm and hospitable despite their normal cold and pessimistic attitudes on the street.
• Always use "vi" with Russians whom you do not know, even if they are the same age. Wait for the Russians to initiate using "ti" with you.
• Boys should be aware that in Russia, men still pay the bill on dates.
• If you are wearing gloves, take them off when you shake hands.
• Take tissues and liquid soap with you if you are expecting to use a bathroom somewhere out. Most public restrooms are not equipped with these basic items.
• Bring a gift if visiting someone's apartment; chocolates or flowers (an odd number over 2 flowers and not yellow) are a good suggestion. (Even number of flowers is good at funerals only.)
• Be polite to the people who you see everyday like security guards, etc. A little gift can grant you many privileges.
Have some tea and sweets on hand. You never know when your Russian friends may pop in unexpectedly. Tea and sweets are a tradition to have for guests. DON'TS:

• Do not assume that everybody in Russia is ethnically Russian. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in Russia.
• Don't take a taxi alone at night. Avoid a car if it has anyone besides a driver. Know where you are going and sound sure of yourself when negotiating a price with the driver.
• Don't be afraid to decline vodka.
• Don't expect people to smile at you.
• Do not put your feet on the tables. This will support Russian stereotypes about Americans being "uncultural".
• Do not expect to pay a visit to a friend "for a half an hour". If you are invited to someone's house and sit down to lunch or dinner this is a lengthy process.
Don't come to visit empty-handed
Don't leave your shoes on in someone's home
Don't joke about the parents
Don't toast with "Na Zdorov'ye!"
Don't take the last shirt
Don't underdress
Don't go dutch
Don't let a woman carry something heavy
Don't overlook the elderly on public transportation
Don't burp in public FOOD! Phrases We will be staying at Maria Jose 's family's house at Moscow. Her uncle Mario Umana, shown next, would be glad to have us visit him in Moscow, next to his wife, Olga Umana and daughter Suki Umana. Place to Stay We will be staying at the Palmers Lodge - Hillspring at Willesden Green from October 5 to October 8. For a total cost of $176.

We will be staying the night of October 16 at the same place, Palmers Lodge - Hillspring at Willesden Green, for a total cost of $46.

In order to transport to and from the hostel we will be using the Willesden Green Underground station.

An all day Travel Card for the Underground Station is $10, for a total of $60 for the 3 days. PACKING LIST The weather in London during October is around 12C, which is actually very cool. The type of clothing needed for London would be some sweaters, probably some thick jackets for those cold nights. Jeans or any other type of pant, no shorts. Some tennis shoes would be a could choice or even some boots. In any case, some gloves and hats may be recommended, CULTURAL DO'S AND DON'T -DON'T drive, walk or stand on the wrong side of the street and sidewalk
The cars might drive on the left side of the street in Britain and every pedestrian crosswalk may be painted with a "LOOK LEFT" or "LOOK RIGHT" to remind you of this fact, but the directions don't apply to everything.

-DONT talk loudly in public

-DONT throw any rubbish or cigarette puffs on the floor in the street or anywhere. You will have a fine of 80£ and they will catch you!

-DONT stare at people

-DONT greet people with a kiss. They only kiss people who are close friends and relatives. -DO Say “Excuse Me”:
If someone is blocking your way and you would like them to move, say excuse me and they will move out of your way.

-DO Cover your Mouth:
When yawning or coughing always cover your mouth with your hand.

-DO Shake Hands:
When you are first introduced to someone, shake their right hand with your own right hand.

-DO Say sorry:
If you accidentally bump into someone, say ‘sorry’. They probably will too, even if it was your fault! This is a habit and can be seen as very amusing by an ‘outsider’. FOOD Some typical meals in London include:

Lancashire Hotpot
Lamb and black pudding slow cooked in a covered casserole with sliced potatoes layered on top.

Fish and Chips
Fish (cod, haddock, huss, plaice) deep fried in flour batter with chips dressed in malt vinegar.
In the north often served with "mushy peas" (mashed processed peas). Not normally home cooked but bought at a fish and chip shop ("chippie" in north of England)

Shepherds' Pie
A lamb pie cooked in a casserole with a layer of mashed potato acting as a lid.Cottage pie is the beef version

Sandwiches - slang "butties" or "sarnies"
Said to have been invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich so that he could eat conveniently at the gaming table. The first printed reference to it is from 1762. The cucumber sandwich is probably regarded as the typically english sandwich although it is not very common.

English Cooked Breakfast
The "Full English Breakfast" is rarely eaten at home but is looked forward to when staying in hotels. Fried bacon, sausages, fried egg, black pudding, fried tomatoes, fried bread and baked beans followed by toast and marmalade with a pot of tea.

Tea! PHRASES Backhander – a dodgy payment that is made in a secretive manner. Such as someone who pays a local councillor a few quid to ensure that they get a planning application passed!

Boat race – not very politically correct, It means she looks amazing from behind, but her face is as ugly as a bull dog chewing a nettle with pee on it.

Chas’n'Dave – means ‘shave’. I need a Chas ‘n’ Dave!

Cream your knickers – an expression used to describe someone when they get overly excited over something.

Damage – how much does it cost, ‘what’s the damage mate?’

Dosh – money.

The Filth – the Police
Gooner – is the nickname for Arsenal fans.

Monkey – term used to describe £500.

Nicker – money. ‘That is 900 nicker in any shop you’re lucky enough to find one in’.

On the game – means she is a prostitute.
Sky rocket – Pocket. Put that 20 quid in your sky rocket.
Sweet – cool or excellent, used when things are going good or someone is happy about something.
Trouble and Strife – a term used to describe the wife.
Tighter than a ducks arse – they are very mean or stingy with money. The Parliament is a great tourist attraction in London. Its located right in the center of London, and it is just walking distance away from other attractions. We will not enter the Parliament, however we will take picture from outside and appreciate its architecture. Right next to the Parliament people can watch the beautiful Thames River and to the other side is the historical Big Ben. Formally know as the Big Ben, now called the Elizabeth Tower in order to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II in the Diamond Jubilee in May 2012. It is the name for the tower with the great bell and a huge clock. This is one of the most important symbols of the United Kingdom as a whole, with millions of tourist arriving every year. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel located above the Thames River in London. It is one of the most famous attractions in London due to the amazing view available. Rides length between 30 minutes more or less but include the breath-taking view of the whole city of London.

This attraction will cost $35 OCTOBER 6 Tower of London

Cost: $40
Transportation: London Underground System London Bridge

Cost: None
Transportation: Walking Trafalgar Square

Cost: None
Transportation: London Underground System National Gallery Museum

Cost: None
Transportation: Walking Place to Stay We will stay in Hotel-Pension Reiter located in Palisadenstr. 53, Berlin, 10243 Germany.

Each night it will cost $59.

We will stay here from October 12 to October 15 in the morning. 3 nights and 4 days.

In total we will spend: $177 Packing List The month of October will be relatively cold, with an average of 10 C. We will pack reasonably warm clothes, like some jackets,long sleeve shirts, jeans (no shorts), boots and sneakers for the long walks. Scarfs and mittens used in Russia will be brought to use if the weather is too cold. Culturals Do's and Dont's Do

Shake hands when you’re introduced to someone – it’s impolite not to.
Say Prost! (cheers!) before you sip your beer – and look your drinking buddy in the eye when you say it.
Feel free to have serious discussions in social settings – Germans like talking politics and philosophy. They don’t relish idle chit-chat or small talk.
Say your name at the beginning of a phone call, even if it’s followed by ‘do you speak English?’
Address people with the formal ‘you’ (Sie). If the familiar ‘you’ (Du) is cool, they’ll let you know.
Hit the ATM – cash rules in Germany and many restaurants don’t take credit cards. Don’t

Be late – everyone else will be on time.
Send a German friend lilies – they’re for funerals. Carnations symbolise mourning, too.
Dig into that Sauerkraut before your host says ‘Guten Appetit’ (good appetite).
Stroll in the bike lane. You’ll get bruised or yelled at (or both). It’s marked red for a reason.
Jaywalk. Nobody else does, and you might get fined.
Drink yourself into a stumbling fool. We know the beer goes down easy, but public drunkenness is frowned upon. Food Phrases Itinerary October 12 Berlin Wall ( East Side Gallery )
Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm Price: Free Transportation: taxi Brandenburg Gate
Time: 5:15pm - 6:45pm Price: Free Transportation: Taxi The Berlin Wall is a worldwide recognized site, very popular to tourist eyes, including ours. The Berlin Wall is full of German history and also, very impressing art work done on it over the years. It is partly destroyed, but what is left is filled with artwork, graffiti and quotes. It's the one place in Berlin we really wanted to visit and it will be the first one. The Brandenburg Gate is a historical monument from the 18th Century that attracts many tourist because of it architectural beauty and projection of West Germany during the Cold War. October 13 Pariser Platz
Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm Price: Free Transportation: Taxi Tiergarten
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm Price: Free Transportation: Taxi/Walking Berlin Zoo
Time: 4:15pm - 6:30pm Price: $13.1/person Total: $26.3 Transportation: Breitscheidplatz The description of this small and beautiful Plaza in Berlin grabbed our attention. It mentioned how it's garden and town square serve as a gateway to OLD Berlin. It seems like a great place to explore and relax. A great way to start a day filled with walking. To keep exploring the nature of Berlin, we will visit the Tiergarten, a garden that contrasts the city because it's green and relaxing. A great place to make a picnic and admire the beauty of Berlin. Not only were we intrigued by the fact that the Berlin Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world, but we share a love for animals and would love to make a visit to this Zoo. October 14 The Holocaust Memorial
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm Price: Free Transportation: Taxi As we all know, Germany was the main country involved in the Holocaust. Berlin provides a Holocaust Memorial for all those lives lost in this terrible genocide. The place is very sentimental and important. We would like to go here to learn a little bit more about the events that lead to the memorial. - Deutsches Historisches Museum
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pmPrice: $10.5/person Total: $21Transportation: Alexanderplatz, Hackescher Markt Train After assisting the memorial of the Holocaust, a Museum extending our knowledge of such event and German History in general follows our itinerary. It's a great way to learn more about the country of Germany and their point of view towards all the events that have occurred through several prolonged years. Hackesche Höfe
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Price: Free Transportation: Weinmeisterstr Bus We would like to spend our last night in the Hackesche Hofe, a courtyard located in East Berlin. It has the essentials for shopping, dining and a little bit of fun night life. October 15 Leave to Geneva at 9:20 am Place to stay We will be staying for one night at the Hotel St. Gervais located in Rue des Corps-Saints 20, 1201 Geneva.

We will spend $127.93 for the night. Packing List Weather in Geneva will be slightly cold. The coldest it might be is 7 C and hottest will be 15 C. The same clothes used in Berlin can used here. We probably wont need the big sweaters, just some thin jackets or our long sleeved shirts. Always pack some jeans and closed-toe shoes. Boots might not be necessary, so sneakers or normal flats will be okay for Geneva. Cultural Do's and Dont's Switzerland Travel Dos
Do respect traditional Swiss greeting with three kisses on the cheek, though a handshake is the norm on a first meeting.
Do dress conservatively and neatly. A suit and tie in business for men, and a suit or dress for women.
Do appreciate tolerance and be patient in Switzerland. Swiss are rather discrete, let them follow their own rhythm.
Do keep both hands on the table during a meal, but keep elbows off the table. Eat everything off your plate and put your knife and fork side by side at the 5:25 position when you’re done eating.
Do use fork to cut food such as salad and potatoes instead of a knife, and break bread with your hand, but most other food should be eaten with utensils.
Do recognize that German, French and Italian are widely spoken in Switzerland, and Romansch is spoken in isolated pockets. More French around the west and South is Italian. Other areas are more German in style, but speak Schweiz-Deutsch (Swiss-German), a dialect that even Germans don’t understand.
Do be punctuate for a dinner party, although 15 minutes late is acceptable. Do send flowers to your hosts either before a party or the next day, along with a thank you note.
Do ask for your tax-free shopping cheque and reclaim the VAT if your purchase costs at least CHF. 500. Switzerland is a shopper’s paradise with so much irresistible stuff around. Switzerland Travel Donts
Do not speak loudly in public, especially on a cell phone. Nor make big noise, or joking loudly. As a rule Swiss do not like noise and dislike others make jokes about them.
Do not address someone by their first name until invited to do so. Use surnames and titles instead.
Do not give expensive or extravagant gifts which can be viewed as tacky or bribery. Nor give anything sharp, such as knives or scissors, which signifies severing off the friendship. Wine, high quality chocolates, or flowers are good gifts. But avoid white chrysanthemums and white lilies which are for funerals.
Do not drink until after the first toast given by the host. Do not ask for salt and pepper if it’s not already on the table.
Do not feel obligated to tip. A service charge is included in restaurants and hotels.
Do not put your hands in pockets while talking to people. Nor chew gum, litter, or clean your nails in public.
Do not ask personal questions, such as salary, age, or religion. Swiss respects privacy highly.
Do not eat out which can be very expensive. Making lunch your main meal of the day. The same meal in the evening doubles up.
Do not hike unless you think you are fit or hike often. Carry your joggers or any pair of light shoes. Food Phrases OCTOBER 8 OCTOBER 7 Buckingham Palace

Cost: $38
Transportation: London Underground System Kensington Palace

Cost: $30
Transportation: London Underground System Westmister Abbey

Cost: None
Transportation: London Underground System Harrods!

Cost: None, unless shopping inside
Transportation: Walking St. Paul's Cathedral

Cost: None
Transportation: London Underground System 4:20pm- Travel to Amsterdam! OCTOBER 6 The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous fortresses and has seen service as royal palace, prison, armory and even a zoo. Located in central London close from the River Thames, the Tower of London is the one of the city's premier attractions. One of its mayor exhibits are the majesty's Crown Jewels, with beautiful crowns and incredibly expensive jewelry. People can also enter the actual places where slaves were held and look at their methods of torturing and killing them. Remember the famous Nursery rhyme, London Bridge is falling down? This is the actual London bridge. This bridge is located above the Thames River. Isabella and I will be taking pictures at the London Bridge, and singing the song. We are very interested in the history of this bridge. Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, is one of the city’s most vibrant open spaces. Trafalgar Square is a landmark in central London enjoyed by English people and tourists. It is a lively place often used for a wide range of activities including: special events and celebrations like the Royal Wedding, Olympics One Year to Go, St Patrick's Day and Chinese New Year; filming and photography; and rallies and demonstrations. The National Gallery displays over 2000 Western European paintings from the middle ages to the 20th century. Discover inspiring art by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner, Renoir and Van Gogh. The pictures in the collection belong to the public and admission to see them is free. Buckingham Palace serves as both the office and London residence of Her Majesty The Queen. It is one of the few working royal palaces remaining in the world today. Home to Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham Palace, includes Her Majesty's magnificent Coronation Dress and Coronation Robe.
Kensington Palace in London is a working Royal residence. Of great historical importance, Kensington Palace was the favorite residence of successive sovereigns until 1760. It was also the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria. Today Kensington Palace accommodates the offices and private apartments of a number of members of the Royal Family. Although managed by Historic Royal Palaces, the Palace is furnished with items from the Royal Collection. Live pageant of British history! Every year Westminster Abbey welcomes over one million visitors who want to explore this wonderful 700-year-old building which is the coronation church of England The trip can't be complete without some shopping in London. Every famous brand is located here, from watches, to purses, to clothing, shoes and even food! Religion is very important in Europe, and this Cathedral is the second largest one in Europe, after the Vatican. We will explore the marvelous architecture in this cathedral. Itinerary October 15 Jet d’Eau
Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pmPrice: FreeTransportation: Taxi Jardin Anglais
Time: 4:30pm- 6:00pmPrice: FreeTransportation: Taxi The gigantic fountain located in central Geneva is a great place to admire an impressive sight. Next to the fountain there is a lighthouse we are also excited to visit. The beautiful Anglais Garden is a place we are very excited to visit. Besides it's impressive view, it is home of the famous flower clock. October 16 Lake Geneva
Time: 12:00pm - 4:30pmPrice: FreeTransportation: Taxi/Walking/Boat rental. The Old Town
Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pmPrice: FreeTransportation: Taxi / Walking Lake Geneva is a beautiful place to visit fillled with activities like yacht racing, fishing and many other The Old Town is a plaza filled with stores and delicious eateries. It takes you back ages because of its architecture and style. A great place to finish our trip in Geneva. Place to stay We will be staying at Maria Jose family's house in Almere, Netherlands. Just outside Amsterdam, with easy access to the Amsterdam Metro, which will cost us about $15 per person, per day, for a total of $90. Around Almere we will be traveling by bike and by Mariajose's uncle's car, bike rental is $8 a day, for a total of $64.
Her uncle, Jorge Maldonado will be happy to have us in his home. PACKING LIST Our luggage will contain the same type of clothing that we've been using throughout the whole trip. We will be using sweater and coats, jeans or pants, boots or tennis shoes. In case of some radical weather change, we'll be taking our gloves and some hats and scarfs. CULTURAL DO'S AND DONT'S DONT walk on the bike paths
Bike paths seem to hold a near-irresistible attraction for some tourists. As always, when visiting a foreign country check and see what the locals are doing. In this case, observe where the local pedestrians walk: on the sidewalk. Join them.

DONT overlook the trams
Each year, a number of tourists die or are badly injured in collisions with trams.

DONT buy ‘drugs’ on the street
Naive tourists have been known to pay premium prices for sheep dung, parsley, aspirin or talcum powder.

DONT take cabs
Try to avoid cabs as much as possible. Amsterdam has reliable trolley and bus system.

DONT lose your mind on sweets
Whether traveling alone, with a group or your soul mate be cautious when it comes to truffle cakes (magic mushroom muffins) and magic cakes(hash brownies). FOOD Dutch Cheese
Cheese-lovers will marvel at the predominance of kaas in Amsterdam. The Dutch take pride in their delicious cheeses, the most common of which are Gouda and Edam. The jong (young) variety is mild and creamy, while the oud (old) is mature and has a sharper taste.

For sweet-toothed visitors to Amsterdam, this sinful, unexpectedly rich Dutch cookie is a must. The stroopwafel (syrup waffle) is actually a thin sandwich of two buttery waffle layers stuck together with a sweet, gooey molasses.

Pannekoeken and Poffertjes
Dutch pancakes, called pannekoeken, are similar in texture and taste to French crepes; they're thin and made with a buttery batter that's neither sweet nor savory. The most traditional way to serve the plate-size treat is with Dutch syrup, which is strangely a bit sour. Instead, you might opt to have warm cherries, ice cream and whipped cream, or go for meal-worthy toppings like bacon and cheese. PHRASES Ik spreek geen Nederlands = I don't speak Dutch

Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands = I speak a little Dutch

Ja = Yes

Nee = No

Alstublieft = Please

Dank u = Thank you

Ik begrijp het niet = I don't understand

Hoe zegt u ______ in het Nederlands? = How do you say ________ in Dutch?

Spreekt u Engels? = Do you speak English?

Hoeveel kost het? = How much does it cost?

Waar is het toilet? = Where is the toilet?

Pardon = Excuse me

Sorry = Sorry

Wat zegt u? = What did you say?

Hoe gaat het met u? = How are you?

Mijn naam is _______ = My name is ____________

Goedemorgen / Goedemiddag / Goedenavond = Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening

Ik kom uit ________ = I'm from ___________

Graag gedaan = You're welcome

Ik ben verdwaald = I am lost

Mag ik uw telefoon gebruiken? = May I use your telephone?

Ik ben mijn (sleutels, portemonee, paspoort, bagage) kwijt = I've lost my (keys, wallet, passport, luggage) DO
Greet Everyone: While most people tend to only speak to others they know, it is considered rude in Amsterdam to not speak to people when walking into a public establishment.

Pick Pocket Alert: While Amsterdam is considered a "freedom paradise", it still has its downfalls when it comes to crime as any other place. No the crimes aren't violence related, it's theft! Pick pockets are the number one problem when it comes to crime in Amsterdam

DO Pick Pocket Alert: While Amsterdam is considered a "freedom paradise", it still has its downfalls when it comes to crime as any other place. No the crimes aren't violence related, it's theft! Pick pockets are the number one problem when it comes to crime in Amsterdam ITINERARY OCTOBER 8 OCTOBER 9 OCTOBER 10 OCTOBER 11 Arriving at Amsterdam
Bike Riding in Almere

Cost: $16
Transportation: Bike We will be riding our bikes around Almere, getting to know the place. Its going to be a calmed afternoon after many days of intense tourism. Almere has some beautiful lakes with ducks and other animals, and Isabella and I can feed those ducks. Van Gogh Museum

Cost: $37
Transportation: Walking Anne Frank House

Cost: $22
Transportation: Walking I AM AMSTERDAM

Cost: None
Transportation: Walking Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Cost: $25
Transportation: Bike Canal Cruise

Cost: $35
Transportation: Walking Zaanse Schans

Cost: None October 12 Fly to Berlin! 8:55 am! This beautiful museum really attracts us since we are interested in art. In this museum tourist can really appreciate the amazing works of Vincent Van Gogh, right in his home territory. It also includes history about him and the time where he lived in. Remember the famous Annie Frank, a little girl, a diary,
well this is her former home. Located in Amsterdam, where all the memories are kept. Isabella and I are prepared to cry a lot in this museum. This sign is one of the key symbols of Amsterdam. Amazing pictures will be taken here, in these huge letters.
It actually reads: I Amsterdam, but understood I am Amsterdam. After visiting castles in previous destinations, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam cannot be missing in the list. Home to the current and historical kings and queens of Amsterdam, full of luxury and rich in history. What better way than getting to know every corner of Amsterdam than by a canal cruise! This cruise will take us though the beautiful canals that go through the city of Amsterdam, and show us even more history about this city. This place, right outside Amsterdam cannot be left out. Home to the beautiful and iconic windmills of Netherlands. Amazing bodies of water can be seen, and the reflection of these windmills is breath-taking. Here, we can also visit the famous clog factory and taste some delicious home-made Netherlands cheese and chocolate! Total Costs Flights (Internal and External): $1811.64
Hotels+Attractions in all cities: $1175.43

Grand Total: $2987.07!
Money Remaining: $3012.93
This will be used for any other expenses such as food, shopping, etc. " Switzerland Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs : Travel Taboo Guide – Dos and Donts." Travel Taboo Guide – Dos and Donts. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. <http://www.traveltaboo.com/switzerland-travel-tips-dos-and-donts/>.

" Museum locations and hours." . N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. <http://www.mmoma.ru/en/about/locations/>.

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