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The Nursing Assistant's role in promoting sleep, rest, and comfort

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Armando Cabral

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Nursing Assistant's role in promoting sleep, rest, and comfort

By: Armando Cabral The Nursing Assistant's role in promoting sleep, rest, and comfort The Nursing Assistant Rest is an important factor in life, we need it to re-energize and to be calm and at peace. Most people rest in beds or chairs. Rest Sleep is a basic need. The mind and body rest. The body saves energy. Body functions slow. Vital signs are lower than when awake. Sleep Comfort A nursing assistant performs task to meet hygiene, safety, comfort, nutrition, exercise, and elimination needs. Comfort is a state of well-being. Many things affect comfort. Sleep is promoted when the person is comfortable and pain free. The patients/residents room are design to provide comfort, safety, and privacy. Person's unit: personal space, furniture, and equipment provided for the person by the agency. Things to maintain comfortable for a resident/patient Temperature & Ventilation: Most healthy people are comfortable when their temperature is 68 - 74 degrees. Old/ill persons may need higher temperatures for comfort. Odors: Many odors occur in health care agencies. Bowel movements and urine have embarrassing odors.
To reduce odors.... empty, clean, and disinfect bedpans, urinals, commodes, and kidney basins.
Clean wet or soiled persons.
change dirty linens and clothing.
keep laundry containers close.
provide good hygiene to prevent body and breath odors.

common health care sounds may disturb patients and resident, which may affect their comfort and rest. Try to control your voice, handle equipment carefully. Noise and Lighting Good lighting is needed for safety and comfort. Glares, shadows, and dull lighting can cause falls, headaches, and eyestrain. 6 basic bed positions
Flower's position
High-flowers position
Semi-flower's position
Trendelenburg's position
Reverse Trendelenburg's position Beds Pain can cause restlessness. Pain means to ache, hurt, or be sore. It's subjective, you must rely on what the person says. Pain past experience
rest and sleep
personal and family duties
support of others Factors Affecting Pain plan care for uninterrupted rest.
avoid physical activity before bed time.
allow a flexible bed time.
provide comfortable room temperature.
provide a bedtime snack.
avoid caffeine.
Darken the room.
Give a back massage.
Follow bedtime routines.
Promote Sleep Illness
Emotional problems
Factors Affecting Sleep Insomnia- condition is which the person cannot sleep or stay asleep.

Sleep Deprivation- amount and quality of sleep are decreased.

Sleep-walking-when the person leaves the bed and walks about. Sleep Disorders The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon.
Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep at night means you’re sleep deprived.
Some scientists believe we dream to fix experiences in long-term memory, that is, we dream about things worth remembering.
Most of what we know about sleep we’ve learned in the past 25 years.
Sleep facts
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