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Gang in South Africa

No description

Jade Rose

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Gang in South Africa

Numbers : Three gangs in one
Gang 26s
Gang 27s
Gang 28s
Gang in South Africa, Cape Town
The members of 27 gang are the guardians of NUMBERS laws. They make peace between the two other gangs (26s -28s ).
Now when a guy of a gang brokes the law, a civil must be killed. They are the most violent of the whole groupe.
Salut : The thumb and the index finger raised
Symbols : rising sun, weapons, swords ...
Gang 27s
The members of gang 28 are the blood line of the hole gang. They are divided in two lines : the GOLD line and the SILVER line.
The gold line are the warriors they are fighting for the gang.
The silver line are the women, they are under the orders of the gold line members.
You go up in rank by killing other gang people or prison guards.
Salute : The thumb and the first two fingers raised
Symbols : Lion's head, horn, 28 ...

Gang 28s
Gang 26s
The 26's duty is to accumulate wealth for all the numbers.
The gang have a very strict hierarchy. The 26s are divided in 2 groups :
The number ones : The unarmed privates
The number twos : The officers
The 26s have historically been considered as an inferior gang and have lived in the shadow of the 28s.
Salute : A raised thumb
Symbols : Dollar or open book with 26 ritten on it
Approximately 1880 Po took two men (Nongoloza and Kilikijan) to fight against abuse of black minors.
They created a group of 15 minors and separated them in 2 groups (one of 8 and one of 7).
Nongoloza's group ( 8 people) were for homosexuality and the other ones (7 people) were against.
27's gang and 28's gang were created.
Around Nongozola created a new group : 26's.
The prisoners are classified into 3 different categories. These categories are either economic offense, sexual offence or a crime of violence. According to the category the prisoner is classified under, will depend on the number gang he will join.
Three gangs in one
Location : Pollsmoor Prison, Cape Town
Years active : 1911– Now
Territory : All prisons in South Africa
Ethnicity : Black Africans
Criminal activities : Extortion, Rape, Prostitution, Murder
The numbers gang is a very secretive gang and very understudied.
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