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Disabled People

English Exam

camille besnier

on 24 January 2011

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Transcript of Disabled People

Disabled People Disalve UN rights for disabled people Estonian rights for disabled people How disabilities are dealt with in other countries? Do different disabilities have different right's? When are you considered disabled? What does it means to be disabled? How can we help them in
our everyday life? How do people help them? When you are disable you can't do what normal people do such as play sport or do math.
There is two types of disabilities
Mental How people treat disabled people The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted on 13 December 2006
At the United Nations Headquarters in New York,
Opened for signature on 30 March 2007.
There were 82 signatories to the Convention
44 signatories to the Optional Protocol
Only one person disagreed They should be free to make their own choice
Full and effective participation society
Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity
Equality of opportunity
Equality between men and women
The children should not be discriminated from schools because of their disabilities When Estonia join the EU they wanted to do like most country did and so they made a policy for the disabled people that was based on the one created by the UN. The only "law" that they took time to agree on was the one about them being able to have a job and to go to school correctly. If a parent has a disabled child the state will pay them a special babysitter if the parents can't work than the state will directly pay them until the child is 18 years old
They can have social benefit such as transport allowance, telephone allowance and other social allowances
They can also have assistant who help them such as sign language interpret, special transportation services...
There are 25 associations fro disabled people in Estonia In France there are a lot of rights for disabled people, they are the same as for UN but there are more special things for them, there are special rooms for them in Hotels. French people respect disabled people a lot. They do there best to help them because they don't want any body to fell discriminate. In Russia they sign the UN "law" in 2008. They don't have any special project to help disabled people even more. Disabled women can have in some case less right's than normal women, as for the man they can do all what they would usually do if they were not disabled. Yes, the people that have mental disabilities have access to free school, as the people with physical disabilities don't except if you are blind, deaf or mute. There are many ways people help disabled people.
There are associations, special schools that are built and that, most of the time, are free.
Government often tries to make all the places accessible for them.
If you have a restaurant with toilets you should have at least one for disable people.
If you have a parking lot there should be at least five place which, only the people that have the blue sign with the person in a wheel chair in their car, can park on.
If you have a shop with more than two floors you should have an elevator where disabled people can go in. If you have an elevator in you shop you should have braille on the certain numbers.
There special scientists who works to discovered how to treat diseases that can make you disabled.
There are inventors who try to create the most, easy to use, comfortable wheel chairs or artificial limb...
There are people who raise dogs for blind people.
There are people who take care of disabled people at there home, most of the time they are free, but if they aren't than the government will pay for them.
Those are only a few, because there are thousands of way that people can help disabled people, above are the most common on. We can help disabled people in our everyday life, by letting them pass if are getting in a bus, helping them if we see they have difficulties doing something, try not to bump into them when you see one.
For you it might be something normal but for them it is something very special because not so many ordinary people do that.
If the disabled person say they don't need any help you might want to live them alone, because some of them want to be treated like if they were normal and by paying close attention to them you are telling that they are not. When you disabilities is considered severe than you are called disabled, it is severe when you will not reestablish in one year it will lead you to death.
Than if you cannot work properly or de certain actions that everybody should be able to do.
When you really think you might be disabled than you can go to a doctor ad you will get tested to see if you are or not.
Examples of actions you can't do properly would be; doing sport, walking, talking, hearing, even think correctly, this is called mental disabilities, there are many other. Some people can get disabled because of an accident, or at birth they had a problem, or maybe it was a consequence of a disease.
You are not disabled when you are ugly, or when you can't jump more than five cm high, or small thing.
Disability is really something that will affect you all you life and that you might not recover from. How can do we help? Everybody can ski Special parking place Help for blind Braille Work Cited
And of course google image!! Thank you for watching !! Made by Camille Besnier Merci Aitäh Спасибо Gracias Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Disabled People Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla For the man there is the special qualification that you have to do in term of being able to have help at your house if your are disabled. You should take a test that will proove if you are really disabled, the test is based on the rule that Jordan Smith has created.
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