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No description

Martina Kolaj

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of restaurant

The business is centered in selling Italian favorites such as their old world style pizza pies with a wide range of toppings, fresh hand crafted salads, fried calamari and desserts such as cannoli, sfogliatelle and zeppole. Business THE LOGO THE END Remo's Pizza Arturo, Brittoni, Guillermo, Martina, Roushan Sunday to Monday: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
Fridays and Saturdays: 11:00AM to 12:00PM BUSINESS HOURS The target demographic: Family and friends of any age + race Most famous for their excellent Italian home style food, reasonable prices, attentive service along with great and fresh food. Cost of the average
menu items:
Sandwich: $8.21
House Pasta: $12.78
Remo favorites: $13.90
NY pizza: $12.02
Napoletana: $12.26
Appetizer: $8.40
Salads: $6:04 The name Remo
is associated
with Rome,Italy.
The name Remo came from
the legend of Romulus and Remus.
The ancient Romans loved to
hear the story of Romulus
and Remus. In their eyes, this story
explained why Rome had the right to rule.
According to the legend, Romulus and Remus justified their right to rule because their mother was a princess and their father was the war god Mars. The legend of Romulus and Remus:
Rhea was married to Mars, the Roman god of war. Rhea had twin sons. She loved her boys, but there were plots afoot by other gods and goddesses to harm her father, herself, her husband, and her children. To protect the boys, she set them adrift on the river, hoping someone would find them. Sure enough, first they were found by a she-wolf who fed them. Then a shepherd and his wife adopted the boys. As the twins grew older, they decided they did not want to take care of sheep. They wanted to be kings. They decided to build a city on the shores of the Tiber. They both wanted to be the only king. They quarreled. In a fit of rage, Romulus picked up a rock, killed his brother, and made himself king. That marked the beginning of Rome. The Big Picture It was fun Remos pizza! Them making pizza What colors are utilized in the logo? The colors that were used in the logo: red, yellow, and white.
What tone words do you associate with those colors?
Tone word for red: Stimulant
Tone word for yellow: Fresh
Tone word for white: Sterility
-2 description of each color you feel are appropriate:
Red is often used in restaurant decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulate.
Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. It also speeds metabolism.
White symbolizes purity.
What is the font employed?
Bold font = confidence and certainty in their field Joyful, relaxed, sincere, and
friendly are four
tone words to describe our observations
at Remo's. This is due to the manner in
which the owner as well as the staff
acknowledged their customers.
With respect and a sense
of pride in knowing they
provide good food,
Remo's was a
positive place to be. Choose four tone words to describe your observations and explain why? Number of windows: One big window
Amount of doors: 2 doors (public and employee entrance)
Number of seats: 65 chairs; seats 80
Number of tables: 15 tables and 1 bar table
The lights are evenly distributed and gives a calming evening feel to it. Although they are dim, it is just enough to focus on food and people--nothing else (work).
Makes us feel relaxed and Describe the shape of the seats.
Regular chair- made out of wood, the back has a square pattern shaped to fit your back comfortably. Wood is colored black and the seat is red. Comfort rate was 4/5. No restrictions when it came down to a certain position.
Couch- black leather couch. Two people fit comfortably. Comfort rate 4/5. One must sit upright and straight because if not, not enough room since table is so close to it.
The stool- black leather stool sustained by a metal bar. 3/5 because no little ring to hold feet, making it a little tiresome to hold feet against metal bar. One must support themselves with the bar table.
Rate the comfort on a scale of 1-5 (1 being least favorite, 5 being favorite couch)
The comfort scale was a 4, mostly because the table felt a little small, which would cause an issue to a bigger body type.
Considering your response to the prior question, describe the position in which you are required to sit using the tone vocabulary worksheet. How is it used (kerning, leading, bold, italics, etc.)? All bold and capital letters to make it easy to read and understand. If the name is clear, then it is also easy to order food.
What is the shape of the logo? A square with concave sides.
What is the denotative description(what does it look like)? The logo is composed big yellow letters that say Remo's, with a movie ticket shaped background that is red. All the letter are capital and the o has a triangle which gives the illusion of a pizza slice.
What is the connotative meaning (does the shape suggest something? It appealing to the eyes and its very soothing The capital letters make it hard to miss, as they put emphasis on restaurant, and the o does make you hungry, as t gives the illusion of pizza. The basic idea is to attract the customers as the shape attracts both the eye and the "O" with the slice attracts appetite. .
What design elements are incorporated in the shape (Balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, unity)? Proportion, and balance
How long has this particular been in use? Since the establishment was founded Four tone words to describe the logo

1.Fanciful- the use of the imagination with the slice of pizza as an apostrophe on the “O” in the title.
2.Objective- it's an unbiased view- able to leave personal judgements aside.
3.Obsequious- polite and “obedient” in order to gain something: more customers.
4.Earnest- the simplicity shows that they are hardworking, like most of Americans. Packaging or Presentation Defining Pictures Coffee Maker This was very defining because the whole restaurant was set up to look like the 20s and this helps give it that 20s look. Its also defining because the lines from tables and walls point towards the coffee maker, along with the various types of oils. Pictures: Choose three things that are the defining features, take pictures of those.
For each picture: Describe the feature considering the following: shape, defining lines, boxy or organic? Assign tone words to each feature. This is one of the many pictures framed on the wall of Remo's. This the owners vision of his restaurant, to a certain extent. It sticks out because the eyes look toward you, and all the glassware points up.
Tone: joyful, vibrant Picture from 50s This meal achieves rhythm in the sense that it is symmetrical from every angle, due to its round shape. This shape of food (pizza) has both bilateral and radial symmetry. The individual pieces are proportionate to how much a person is willing and capable of eating. This large cheese pizza is split into eight pieces, ideal for a small family or group. It is also the first thing that catches your eye when prompted to look at the table making you feel hungry. Linear rhythm exists in the slices of the pizza--every cut is a straight line that is repeated. The lack of a background gives emphasis to the pizza. The platter on which it is placed is not visible from the top view and therefore forces the viewers eye to see the pizza solely. Finally, all main ingredients used to make this pizza are evenly distributed and creates unity. The mere sight of this round pizza can make a person feel nostalgic. The Window The window is the perfect view to see some activity in Downtown Stamford, one of the most busiest places in Stamford. The building in front of Remo's is the Ferguson Library. The wall sized window is very welcoming, encouraging onlookers to come inside and eat.
Tone: Welcoming, Fanciful i The window is the perfect view to see some activity in downtown Stamford, one of the busiest places in Stamford. The building in front of Remo's is the Fergurson Library. The wall sized window is very welcoming, encouraging onlookers to stop for a bite.
Tone:Welcoming, Fanciful The Window The service
Cafeteria style, pickup, or table service?
Table service
Self serve or counter service beverages?
Counter service beverages
Self busing or table service?
Table service
Two Tone Words to describe service or lack of.
Attentive and Thoughtful
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