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Rio Grande Supply Company

Case Study

firah mazri

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Rio Grande Supply Company

About Us
Rio Grande Supply
Question 1
What environmental factors have helped to create the situation Jasper Henning face?
What factors does Jasper need to consider when deciding in his course of action?
The society or solutions
Decide what is Jasper course of action
Know how big the situation is
The impacts to the company – “what if”. Either terminate or keep Henry

" The greater good "
The flip-side of the issue
i.e, what are the other options and their consequences - the costs or implications of the choices
Keep Henry – Jasper needs to get involved in Henry’s private life.
Terminate Henry – Costly and difficult.

Short term effects
Henry fired the female employee without consideration
– Jasper might lose some of his employee because of Henry’s actions

Long term effects
Terminate Henry would be costly and difficult
– Henry is a valued person; he gives the best performance towards company that will boost up company’s sale and profit
Question 3
Assume you are Jasper what are the first two action steps you would take to handle the Henery Darger situation?
How would your role as a cultural leader to influence your decision?
What message will your solution send to the 0ther managers and rank and file employees?
Question 2
Analyze Rio Grande’s culture. In addition to the expressed cultural value and believes, what other sub conscious value and believe do you detect?
Are conflicting values present? When values are in conflict, how would you decide which one take precedence?
Rio Grande culture analyzation :

* Appears to be a subconscious value that it’s alright to ignore company policies as long as the infractions don’t really harm other employees

* In the company there was task oriented employees :

The problem that has faced to company is not expressed from their performance perspective
The employee has no problems in contribution of their duty regarding their respected job

* Weak internal communication and absence of discussion between the leader and the workforce:

Only Darger, the chief of the company, who solely take action on employee for the illegal thing they performed
In addition to the expressed cultural value and believes the subconscious cultures:

* Trust issue, suspicion, disrespectful or disbelieve

* Misusing of organization resource

* Ambiguity or vagueness

* Lack of transparency

* The management itself is not a cultural leader
a) Both employer and employees
Employer gives warning
Power to terminated or fired employees

Discouragement to the workforce
Employees lack to be motivated to use their maximum effort
b) Company
Turn over rate or employee dismissed

Cost to the organization:
Training and time costs
Cost of firing the previous employee
Set their values based up on the organizational mission and vision
- Participating the workforce regardless of their ranks

Create positive impact in productivity of the organization should take the first grade
Two steps to handle Hendry Darger's situation
Being fair to the employees

Reinforcing the policy
Roles as a cultural leader
To define and articulate important values

To enhance communication

Making continuous assessment and supervision
Corporate culture
Mission and vision
Role models
Conducive environment
Nur Musfirah Mazri Binti Shaari
Wan Nurul Ain Binti Wan Ibrahim
Sivaananthine Suppiah
Nur Salina Bt Yusoff
Ain Asyikin Adanan
Code of Ethics
- A formal statement of the company’s values regarding ethics and social issues

* The employees do not follow the values that Jasper has implemented where there’s some of them did not respect for each individual employee

* The female employee has accessed another worker’s email secretly. It is wrong and unethical actions
Jasper Hennings
Texas-based performance as bench-mark

Forwards the use of internet policy, only for business related activities

Without communicating to the employees
Top management has the right to:
Access to anyone’s e-mail
Installed new software to cut short the system
The company:
Reserves the right to take disciplinary action if an employee was found to have violated the policy
Step action has taken and procedure may not sequential
The female employee accused Henry Darger of “suspicious” activities
Before make the decision:
Jasper gather all the information from Henry
Found out he was logging on to pornographic websites at the office to escape his troubles
Doesn’t want to loss Henry Dargen
Treat him differently.
Dismissed a female employee for unauthorized access to another employee’s email
Henry Darger
Chief of Operations
Adopting good organizational culture profits the organization as well as the work force

A president should take time and plan how to implement i.e. communicating, empowering, respecting the value in existing organization

A leader is expected to perform duties and responsibilities in accordance with the standards of the company
Technological (External Environment) :
- Considering the technology advancement, the employees have misused the internet facility
Accessing prohibited site and another worker’s email

Internal Environment :
- The company did not adjust to the technology advancement

i.e. installing software filters that would have prevented abuse of the company’s computer system
Ethical Structures
– Represent the various systems, positions, and programs a company can undertake to implement ethical behavior

* Ethical structure of the company did not well build where both employees and employers are oblivious (unaware) about this matter
- Employee disclosure of illegal, immoral or illegitimate practices

* The female employee should reveal what Henry did in the first place to Jasper
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