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Big Names Persuasion Bulletin Board Project

No description

Tobias Eaton

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Big Names Persuasion Bulletin Board Project

Bulletin Board of Big Names Big Names:
The use of well-known people and experts to support your argument and to convince others to see your point of view and to also create trust. Definition of Big Names (in Persuasion) Many people believe experts because they believe that they can be trusted and are right when doing certain things. Also, profesionals are supposedly trained in a certain field. If the person is a profesional more reasons to believe them because if it is scientifically proven, then what they say is supposedly true, and we are most likely to trust them. Also, experts can give facts that sound important so the audience feels compelled to buy the product. http://medialiteracyproject.org/language-persuasion
9w Bibliography: All the Sites we Used Company: Covergirl
Big Name: Taylor Swift
What is she selling?: Covergirl make-up (Natureluxe)
Why does this work?: This works because many people look up to Taylor Swift. Since they are selling make-up, and many people think she is pretty, they think the make-up is the cause for it, so people will buy this product to be more like her. Taylor Swift is also famous, and many other people trust which products she chooses to use. The reason why using big names is effective when trying to persuade someone is because they think that the big names you are referring to are probably more reliable (experts) or idolized (celebrities). If someone idolizes the celebrity and wants to grow up to be just like them, they would probably use or do the same things so if they see that they like or use a certain product then they will use it too in hopes that they will become more like that celebrity. Also, when celebrities appear on television or anywhere in the media, they tend to catch the viewers attention, as they recognize them and they are idolized. Also, when a celebrity has a weight problem, it is usually seen in the public eye, so they have proof that they had a problem. If there is person that is not well-known, people may question whether or not they ever had a weight problem at all or whether they used technology or not to make them look like they lost weight. Company: Garnier
Big Name: Tina Fey
What are they trying to sell?: Hair products
(Garnier Nutrisse hair colouring)
Why does this work?: This works because Tina Fey has long, lucious hair. If the public thought that this is because she uses Garnier Nutrisse hair colouring, then people who want hair like hers would probably want to start using that product too. Company: Got Milk?
Big Name: Chris Bosh
What are they selling?: They are trying to
promote the drinking of milk
Why does this work?: Chris Bosh is strong and tall so if people believe that milk is the cause of this, then they might start drinking more milk in order to get stronger and taller like him. Company: Proactiv
Big Name: Justin Bieber
What are they trying to sell?: Proactiv Acne Cream
Why does this work?: This commercial is promoting the use of Proactiv with the approval of Justin Bieber. The company does this because Justin Bieber has a lot of fans that look up to him as a role model and other fans that want to be like him, so they use the same products he uses. Also, Justin Bieber is also about the same age as the target audience. Company: Coca-Cola
Big Name: Santa Claus
What are they trying to sell?: Coca-Cola
Why does this work?: In this commercial, the ad is trying to sell you Coca-Cola using Santa Claus as a mascot. They do this because children look up to Santa. Santa is a childhood hero of many, so children may beg their parents for Coca-Cola to be like him, and some may not be comfortable to say no to a child. Some companies also use certain celebrities that are famous for different things. For example, if a celebrity had flawless skin (along with other things that made him/her famous) then they would use him/her for a skin cream commercial rather than a soda commercial. If they were really skinny, then they could use him/her for a weight loss program commercial. Company: Pepsi
Big Name(s): Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Drew Brees
What are they trying to sell?: Pepsi (beverage)
Why did this work?: This worked because the big names used in this commercial are people who are idolized by certain people. Also, this commercial appeals to different types of people. For example, One Direction's appearance in this commercial catches the eyes of fans of One Direction, while Drew Brees' appearance in the commercial catches the eyes of football fans. Company: Weight Watchers
Big Name(s): Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson
What are they trying to sell?: Services of Weight Watchers 360˚
Why did this work?: This worked because the big names are very popular, and many people know that they had weight problems before they started the program. For example, Jessica Simpson just had a baby and put on a lot of weight. She looks very good in this commercial, and this might make people think that Weight Watchers accomplished this and if they try it, they will get similar results. This will make people think that the program will work. Also, society as a whole think that woman should be skinny-looking, and men should be muscular, so people may want to try this program so they can become like the models in magazines, etc. Why trust the experts? Why does 'Big Names' work? Sometimes the 'experts' you see in commercials/ads are really actor/actress portrayed. The company may be using the 'expert characters' because their product(s) might not be recommended by experts but in order to hide that fact from potential customers, they use an 'expert' to say good things about the product and how it works even if it doesn't work. By: Joanie, Albert, Ethan, & Brittany Big names is a very successful technique of persuasion. You can find big names in many places, such as on billboards, commercials on the radio, commercials on television, and many more. People these days seem to be very interested in what their idols are interested in, and products that well-known experts recommend or mention are usually very popular. People trust the people they look up to make a good quality choice in what products they chose to buy. It is only when they forget that the big names are usually paid to give a positive review of a product (by the company that sells the product) that big names will work. You can also find big names in magazines, like in an article, which helps them to boost its readership, or in ads. Where can you find ‘Big Names’? Big names are often used to promote a product and to make it well-known. Although big names are used a lot, the companies that are less-known to the public than others and do not have a lot money are less likely to get a celebrity or idol to give a positive review on a product, as they cannot pay them. Many advertisments now have celebrities in them, and the result in this is that many people are buying these products.
For example, the company Covergirl is well-known amongst many people, as they have many celebrities representing them, such as Taylor Swift, Sofia Vegara, and Ellen DeGeneres. When is Big Names used? Big Names Strategy: Experts Big Names Strategy: Celebritites "This persuasion technique is fabulous! You totally have to try this out! The outcomes are superb!" -Flora Anne Kelly Evans
Founder of F.A.K.E. Media Inc. Ryan Gosling on the cover of GQ magazine. This is an example of where big names can be used in a magazine. This issue will attract the fans of Ryan Gosling, and this may boost the readership, as the fans might want to buy the magazine. Here are some examples of how big names are used in our everyday lives. Do you recognize any of them?
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