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ashley pazula

on 23 April 2010

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GOTTIFRIED WILHELM LEIBNIZ GOTTFRIED was a german philosopher, mathematician and logician and invented differential integral calculus Birth : July 1, 1646
Died: November 14, 1716 Work experiece

1661- entered University of Leipzig
1667- entered service of Baron of Boineburg
1672-76- Lived in paris
1675-Laid foundation of integral calculus
1691- named librarian of Wolfenbuettel
1700- named foreign memeber of French academy of science in Paris

De arte combinatoria 1666
Hypothesis physica nova 1671
Discours De Metaphysique 1686
Unpublished manuscripts on calculus concepts 1690
Nouveaux essais sur L'entendement humaine 1705
Theodicee 1710
Manadologia 1714 Interesting facts

Granted his fathers library when his father died when Gottifried was seven years old

Completed a bachelors degree in philosophy on Decemeber 2nd 1662

completed a license and doctorate in law in November of 1663


"I do not concieve of any reality at all without
genuine unity"

"This is why the ultimate reason of things and truths of facts
thruths of reasoining are necessary and their opposite is impossible;
those of fact are contingent and their opposite is possible. "

"Music is pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without
being aware that is counting."
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