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sexual intimacy

discussion prompts

kaitlin stevens

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of sexual intimacy

Beauty In Different Cultures

• Lip plates in Ethiopia are considered beautiful
• Neck rings in Burma are considered sexy
• Facial scars in West Africa are considered
• Sharpened teeth once attractive in Africa
• Bound feet once considered attractive in
• Corsets once considered attractive in Europe Sexual Intimacy Across Cultures American Sexual Behavior Sexuality in later years... Sex and the City
"just for sex" No Strings Attached Mentawai Wives

• Lebanon men legally allowed to have sex w/only female
animals. Sex w/male animals punishable by death

• Decapitation for masturbation in Indonesia

• Santa Cruz, Bolivia, illegal for a man to have sex w/woman and
daughter at the same time

• Men from Guam have actual jobs to have sex w/virgins. They are paid to travel and have intercourse w/females b/c it’s illegal for virgin women to marry

• Singapore:
* porn is illegal (also illegal to walk around house nude)
* oral sex illegal unless used for foreplay
* homosexuality illegal Law Prohibiting Sexual Behavior Ok There, Not Here! Some societies inflict pain during sex (considered disorder in America)

Apinayean women, South America, known to bite off partner’s eyebrow

Trukese, South Pacific poke ear to engage in sexual activity some draw blood. Engage in NO sexual intimacy
No knowledge of French kissing
Parents don’t talk about sex w/children
Only babies bathe nude; only bathe exposed skin (face,
neck, arms, feet, lower legs)
Foreplay limited to kissing and rough fondling of buttocks.
Male on top only position
Breast feeding not allowed
Female orgasm believed to not exist or defiant
Sex considered bad for mans health so will not engage in
sexual activity a day prior to a serious job
Men go strait to sleep after intercourse Inis Beag (small island in Ireland) Mangaian (island on South Pacific) Boys learn about masturbation at age 7

Engage in masturbation at age 8 or 9

13 boys undergo super incision ritual. Person performing ritual gives him sexually explicit instructions on sex. 2 weeks after surgery boys engage in intercourse w/experienced woman who teaches different sexual acts/positions and teach him how to reach multiple orgasms as well as his future female counterpart.

Parents encourage daughters to have sex

Girls have sex w/multiple men until she can find a compatible partner for marriage

Around 18 individuals engage in intercourse almost every night reaching at least 3 orgasms in one night

A mans main focus during intercourse is to bring their woman to multiple orgasms. neck rings lip plate corset bound feet sharpened teeth facial scaring curious... Altrese's take on...

sexual activity among adolescents ____ % of Americans have had sex
____ % have had sex before the age of 20
By the time young ____ reach their 18th birthday ___ in ___ of them will have had sexual intercourse. Research in This Country The two competing approaches to sex education in America:
The comprehensive approaches to sex education
The-Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage approach (Just Say No)

Why do you think abstinence is hard for people to follow? Education for Sexuality *21 Ways to Say "No" Parents tell themselves that they are willing to answer any questions their children might have about sex, but children sense that their parents really do not want to talk about the sensitive issue.
Why cant parents and teens talk about sex?
78% stated embarrassment as a big reason
83% of the teens worried about parents’ reaction
HOW OLD were you when your parents spoke to you about sex? Do you think age matters? Sexuality Education & Parents How some parents explain sex: Having multiple or casual sex partners

Failing to discuss risk issues before sex

The discussion to have sex itself (peer pressure)

Inconsistent use of condoms and birth control

What other attributes can you think of? Sexual Behavior, Alcohol, and College (Attributes of Alcohol uses and Risky Behavior) 1,2,3... SKIT! sexual intimacy Pick a number one through three and you have to perform what the task is. Sex & Marriage *sex is an important part of a healthy marriage *half of all couples experience challenges with their sex life. *transformation of the relationship between sex and intimacy over time Infidelity *marriage can't compete with an affair when it comes to excitement *over the course of marriage, extramarital sex occurs in less than 25% in heterosexual couples. *attitudes about infidelity are related to actions, and differ person-to-person. *most research is on sexual infidelity
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