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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

No description

Heidi Teichert-Divizio

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck


Setting: The story starts In march on a Monday at Gregs home and his family.

Main Character: Greg

Author: Jeff Kinney

Conflict: Greg is out of luck when Fregley became popular and Rowley (Greg's Friend) got a girl friend!
Literally Bad Luck [ Explosion]
Rowley was Greg's best friend for a while. Now Greg got suspicious when Rowley got a girl friend, that was when everything changed. Rowley ditched Greg and Rowley acted differently around Greg. He acted like he didn't care for him at all. They used to do everything together then it was all over. Gregs family was going crazy for a lost diamond ring that is grandma lost. Everything was not turning out to be good.
The Failing friendship and ideas [Rising Action]
End Credits
Point of view of story: Greg Heffley is telling the story
because he is saying what is happening to him and to other people that he is talking about.
Theme of story: The theme of this story was that you can't always expect a friend to be friends with you forever. And that friends may turn on each other.
Ending change: I would change it to be that Rowley was friends with Greg and Rowley would keep his girlfriend. [But this could seriously change the ending up].
Falling apart {Resolution}
Rowley has lost his girlfriend because his girlfriend Abigail got back together with her ex. Greg finally found the diamond ring that his grandma lost in an egg from the easter egg hunt. Almost all of Greg's probrems were solved. The guys that sold the old science projects were caught by teachers. Greg was having a bad time of his life untill he go Rowley back to be his friend.

The Big Change (Climax)
The break up (falling action)
Greg tried to think of things to have Rowley be his friend again but he failed. Greg thought that Rowley was too into his girlfriend and Rowley thought that Greg was jealous. Then Greg just stopped worrying about Rowley and went to find new friends. He saw Fregley and talked to him and sat down at a table with him. Before you knew it everything changed. Greg's family was mad at each other cause they couldn't find the Ring everything completely changed.
Everything wasn't the same after all of this happened. But on the second day of being friends with Fregley, Fregley was popular! Greg on the other hand had to sit on the floor with all the other unpopular people. The things with Rowley were the same. Rowley hasn't speaked to Greg. Greg Didn't speak to Rowley. There friendship fell apart.
Fregley was popular and still hasn't changed but things with Rowley has changed. Rowley doesn't have a girlfriend anymore. These guys were in a storage room and they got in trouble or caught. Greg's Hard Luck was starting to get some better luck than he used to.
A thing they did together.
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