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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

No description

Kirsten Flippo

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Plot Diagram by Kirsten Flippo
Rising Action
Falling Action
We learn about Cassie's
brothers Stacey, Little Man, and
page 4
We learn about the land that the Logan's land, and also other land in the town.
"Always meticulously neat, six-year-old Little Man never allowed dirt or tears stains to mar anything he owned"
Little Man
"Stacey cut me a wicked look and I grew silent. His disposition had been irritatingly sour lately."
Christopher John
"A short, round boy of seven, he took little interest in troublesome things..."
Page 6
We learn about T.J., and a little about his troublesome nature.
Pages 8-9
Rising Action
Little Man gets upset with Miss Crocker because of the insulting paper glued in the cover of his school book.
Pages 22 and 23
Rising Action
Papa comes home and brings Mr. Morrison
Page 34
Rising Action
The racist Jefferson Davis school bus gets the kids dirty ad angers the Logan kids.
Page 13
Rising Action
At lunch, the Logan kids dig a trench in the super muddy road where the bus with drive through it and it gets stuck, so the Jefferson Davis kids have to walk in the rain.
Pages 51-55
Rising Action
Cassie sees the nightriders at her house late at night, but they were at the wrong place after all.
Page 67
Rising Action
Stacey is blamed for TJ cheating on Ms. Logan's history test, ad they fight at the Wallace store. Mr. Morrison goes to the Wallace store and finds him there. He takes the kids home, but leaves it to Stacey to tell Mama.
Pages 80-87
Pages 99-101
Rising Action
The Logans try to convince people to start shopping in Vicksburg instead of at the racist Wallace store.
Rising Action
Cassie goes to Strawberry with Big Ma and gets in a fight with shop owner Mr.Barnett and also bumps into Lillian Jean and doesn't want to apologize. Her dad twists her arm and makes her apologize.
Pages 11-116
Rising Action
Uncle Hammer comes to visit and has a newer Packard than Mr, Granger.
Page 119
Rising Action
Mama explains racism to Cassie,
Page 127
Rising Action
T.J. Tricks Stacey into giving him his new and expensive coat.
Page 141
Cassie gets back at Lillian Jean by tricking her into thinking they are friends, but then beats her up.
Rising Action
Page 179
Rising Action
T.J. tells on Mama and gets her fired.
Page 189
Rising Action
We learn how Papa was so badly injured on his way back from Vicksburg.
Page 215
T.J. and the Simms brothers go and rob the Barnett store, and when T.J. threatens to tell on them, they beat him very badly. T.J. walks to the Logans for help, so they walk him back home. That's when the nightriders come and drag him out of his home.
Pages 244-251
Falling Action
Cassie runs home to tell her parents that T.J. and his family need help.
Page 257
Falling Action
"Lightening" (Papa) sets the cotton on fire to distract everyone. They all leave to help put out the fire before it spreads to their land.
Page 261
Falling Action
Jeremy comes to check on the Logans and tells them what he knows about the events.
Pages 263-266
Stacey comes home and confirms that the family is okay.
Falling Action
Pages 268-272
Papa and Mr. Morrison make it home safely.
Falling Action
Page 272
Jim Lee Barnett dies from his injuries during the robbery, and lots of the Logan's cotton is burnt up. T.J. ends up on the chain gang, and Cassie cries for him and the land.
Pages 274-276
Falling Action
It's revealed that Papa actually started the fire.
Page 274
Additional Information
Protagonist- Cassie and her family
Antagonist- Racism overall, the Wallaces, and Mr. Granger.
Setting- Mississippi in 1933
Themes- Land, family, and racism.
Symbolism- One symbol I found is the pearl-handed pistol. It represents TJ's greed.
Irony- The fact that Uncle Hammer's car is newer that Mr. Granger's, and Uncle Hammer is black.
Foreshadowing- The way T.J. always caused trouble foreshadows that he will get in real trouble at some point.
Internal Conflict- Cassie has an internal conflict with herself, and it is that she doesn't understand racism and why she is treated badly.
External Conflict- An external conflict in the book is between the Wallaces and the Logans when the Logans get people to boycott the Wallace store.
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