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Scientific Method

No description

Paige Adderley

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Scientific Method

By Victor Sanchez,
Paige Adderley,
Jennifer Lopez,
and Scian Griffin
Scientific Method
Scientific Process
This is what you use when
doing any Scientific Expirement
You need to communicate
with peers and adults
to get feedback on
your project.
Every time you do an
expiriment you need to
do research to get information
on what you are

Come up with any sort of question that crosses your mind that you can do an experiment on. For example, you could ask "How many times do I have to fill up my dogs food bowl in order to keep my dog satisfied?" or you can do something like "Which food in my hamster's variety mix is her favorite?" Those are some easy questions you cam ask.
A hypothesis is a guess of what you think the outcome of your experiment is going to be. If you were asking "Which food in my hamster's variety mix is her favorite?", your hypothesis could be I think her favorite food is the mini carrots.
For this question your expirement could be to take one of every different piece of food from the mix and put them all seperately on a table. Then gently pick up the hamster and put him/her on the table and see which piece of food the hamster eats first.
Collect Data and Draw Conclusions
Once you have observed which piece of food the hamster goes for you can see if your hypothisis was right or wrong. then you write out what the conclusion was.
Ask new questions
Now you can think of another question to do another experiment
Scientific Method

PBL is also something that students use in the classroom. PBL is a more project based learning system. In PBL we still use websites like Echo and Pacent.
PBL stands for Project
Based Learning.
When using PBL in the classroom
students use projects to learn instead
of just sitting in a desk.
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