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Tinh Nguyen Vi Hoa Binh Viet Nam

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Transcript of Tinh Nguyen Vi Hoa Binh Viet Nam

Tinh Nguyen Vi Hoa Binh Viet Nam
Volunteer for Peace Vietnam
Tru So VPV: So 56, Ngo 99, duong Nguyen Phong Sac
Muc Tieu
Trao doi van hoa
Ngay thanh lap: 4/2005
La to chuc phi chinh phu hoat dong tren linh vuc Tinh Nguyen Quoc Te
Phat trien mang luoi tinh nguyen
Chung tay giup do cong dong
Doi Tac
Doi tac cua tren 200 NGOs tren toan the gioi
Truc thuoc mang luoi CCIVS, NVDA, UNESCO, IWO, ICYE
Cac hoat dong cua VPV
Volunteer Abroad
Chuong trinh TNV ca nhan: Cac ban TNV nuoc ngoai khi den Vietnam se duoc VPV tiep nhan va gui den cac du an tinh nguyen, xa hoi tai VN: Lang tre Huu Nghi, Lop tieng Anh cong dong, các NGOs tai VN
TNV Vietnam: Local supporters (day tieng Viet, city tour, giup do tai du an)
Tuyen LSers: 3 thang/lan, moi dot khoang 15-20 LSers
Cac TNV nuoc ngoai lam viec theo nhom, tai 1 dia diem du an, trong thoi gian 5 ngay - 1 thang
International WC: TNV den tu nhieu nuoc, thoi gian 2 tuan
Into Vietnam: TNV den tu 1 nuoc, thoi gian 5 ngay-1 thang
Cac du an: Trung tam Thuy An (Ba Vi), du lich sinh thai cong dong An Lac, lang tre Huu Nghi... lam vuon, xay dung, choi voi tre em
TNV Vietnam: tham gia lien tuc, cung an, cung o, cung lam viec... ko phai dong bat ky chi phi nao
Tuyen TNV: theo dot 2 thang/lan, 3-5 TNV/lan.
Gui email hoac
Cac ban TNV Vietnam duoc gui ra nuoc ngoai tham gia du an (2 tuan - 6 thang): day tieng Anh, moi truong...
Quy trinh:
Chon nuoc va du an tai, gui email toi de duoc tu van
Chi phi: Visa + Ve may bay + Phi rieng tung CT + 3 trieu
VPV se ho tro cac thu tuc can thiet
VICE president
VICE president
Ban nhan su
Ban Su Kien
Ban quoc Te
Quan ly email
Training TNV moi
Training thanh vien moi
To chuc cac su kien gan ket thanh vien
Len ke hoach cac chuong trinh thuong nien cua CLB
Tim kiem nha tai tro cho cac chuong trinh
Quan ly Local Supporters
Giup do các TNV nuoc ngoai (IVs)
To chuc day tieng Viet cho IVs, City Tour...
Trung Thu
Giang Sinh
Tet thieu nhi
Ngay hoi tinh nguyen toan cau
(Global Volunteering Day)
Quan ly fanpage, event quang ba hinh anh CLB
Mot so hinh anh
cac hoat dong gan day
Ban muon tro thanh 1 thanh vien
trong BĐH cua CLB?
Ung tuyen CTV BĐH
Tham gia chuong trinh cua VPV
anh Vũ Duy Kiên
anh Đao Xuan Duong
chi Nguyen Anh Thu
Thap Sang Vung Cao
(Hà Giang 6/2013)
Mam Co Yeu Thuong
(Thai Nguyen 9/2013)
Halloween 2013
(Hanoi 10/2013)
Global Volunteering Day 2013
(Hanoi 4/2013)
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