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2011 NRVMA Stormwater

Prepared for the 2011 National Roadside Vegetation Management Association Annual Meeting. For more stormwater related information and to connnect with Barry, visit StormwaterTools.com.

Barry Fagan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of 2011 NRVMA Stormwater

seek BALANCE. compliance - to act according to an order, set of rules or requests

commitment - to promise or give your loyalty, time or money to a particular principle, person or plan of action commitment requires embrace. Gallup Survey of US Work Force:
Engaged 27%
Not Engaged 59%
Disengaged 14% Maintaining the clean water act... created a real expectation that we get better. our Nations Waters by Restoring maintenance - restoration stated objective: "...to and the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters." restore stated goals:
to eliminate pollutants to our waters by 1985
to restore our waters to a level meeting designated uses by 1983 the clean water act. 1) we must have a clear objective
2) we must make constant corrections
3) we must have a focal point rules of balance restoration. commitment vs compliance our Nations Roadsides By improving yourself, the world is made better... - Ben Franklin maintenance. Water Quality
Erosion/Sediment Control
Construction Permit Conditions
Permitting Delays
DOT/Regulatory Relations
Hazardous Materials Disposal
Lead Paint Removal
Asbestos Water Quality (ESC)
Air Quality
Public/Community Impacts
Materials/Construction Sipsey Wilderness, AL
±2005 Barry Fagan, PE/PLS, CPESC StormWater maintain Water Quality an early interest in water quality... Borden Springs, AL ±1973 Barry Parker NRVMA. 1995 Top Ten Environmental Issues
AASHTO State DOT Survey
2010 Top Ten Environmental Issues
AASHTO State DOT Survey
Natural Resource Preservation/Restoration
Regulatory and Public Expectations
Hazardous Materials Handling Timeless Environmental Issues what is the solution? 2010 1995 you. LEADERSHIP. ... so, what's the stormwater solution? low impact design watershed based approach ms4 post construction stormwater runoff volume reduction infiltration onsite retention offsite mitigation peak flow management 90th percentile storm water quality water quantity clear measurable goals performance standards green infrastructure hydromodification retrofit ... so, what can i do? BE THE LEADER. FIFRA RHAA CWA Dr John Maxwell:
momentum makers
momentum takers
momentum breakers Benjamin Franklin:
those that move
those that are moveable
those that are immovable SEEK BALANCE. REMEMBER THE WHY. EMBRACE CHANGE. restore ...so, what does that mean for me? not wet feet...

wet feet. soaking (while making progress) (while making progress) have our goals been met? 517,272 miles
13,080,691 acres
13,263,307 acres ... so, what's the problem again? trash sediment nutrients metals turbidity pesticides oil grease urban-related runoff construction what is the solution?
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