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Child Brides

No description

lexi werle

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Child Brides

Forced Child Marriages A Growing Problem First, Lets Clear Something Up The Differences Between Forced and Arranged Marriages There are many different ways to be forced into a marriage, but the top three are: Physically Emotionally Through Deception A Mass Child Wedding This Girl Escaped Her
Husband and Fled Back to
Her Family Only to be
Returned by Her father.
Her Husband and His Family
Punished Her by Cutting
Off Her Nose and Ears.
Her Father Regrets Sending
Her Back. Child Marriage Abuse Children Like Her Are Beaten Everyday When They Try To Escape
Their Violent Husbands And/Or Families. Please Help These Girls Escape
Beatings Or Sometimes Even Death. Thank You
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