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Tudors Weapons and Warfare

No description

Julian Cheng

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Tudors Weapons and Warfare

Weapons and Warfare Julian Cheng 5A Many wars were held during the tudor times, such as the War of the Roses and the The Spanish Armada, but what types of weapons were used during all those battles? The Battle Axe The battle axe was a variety of single and double handed axes. It had an unusual curved shape on both sides of then tip of the axe, making it look like a bird.
The first battle axe was made in about 6000 BC. Curved shapes Tip Handle The Mace The mace had a long wooden handle to hold, and had a heavy metal spike ball on the top of the handle. The spike ball was a metal sphere with deadly spikes sticking out of it. It was so deadly that one strike from it would send a person dead! It was invented sometime in the Middle Ages. Deadly Spikes Metal Ball Long Handle The Dagger The dagger was a type of knife and was a very sharp weapon. It was shaped like a sword but was just smaller. An example of a dagger used in the Tudor times was the Basilard. It was a two-edged, long bladed dagger. The first daggers were created around 2.5million years ago. Sharp Tip Blade Case Handle The Lance The lance was a long, strong, spear-like weapon which was designed for use on horseback. It had a very long handle to hold, and a diamond shaped point at the tip of the handle. People used them when they rode on horses, just like jousting. The lance was first used in the 3rd century BC. A lance used in jousting Long Handle Diamond-shaped tip Crossbow The crossbow was a type of bow that could shoot as far as 400 yards but could only be shot at a rate of 2 bolts per minute. The earliest discovery of a crossbow was in the 5th century BC. String Arrows Handle Longbow The longbow was a bow that could pierce through armour at ranges of more than 250 yards, and a longbowman, or a person who uses a longbow could release between 10 - 12 arrows per minute! The first longbow was made in the 15th century. String The Rapier A rapier is a slender, sharply pointed sword, mostly used for thrusting attacks, like in fencing. It was very thin and sharp, making it look like a thin pole. It was starting to be used in the 1500's, and also used in wars in the Tudor times. Tip Handle Long, thin blade Guns and Cannons By the end of the 1500's firearms were in common use. The musket (a type of gun) was invented in 1520 and by 1595 all bows were ordered to be exchanged for muskets. Canons were also used at land and at sea such as the ballista, trebuchet and the mangonel. The musket The ballista The trebuchet Thanks for Watching! I hope you learned something! Prezi made by Julian Cheng 5A Sources: http://www.sixwives.info/tudor-weapons.htm http://www.knight-test.aspery.com.au/armour/tudor-knight.php
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