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neil dones

on 7 March 2014

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“On Earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it” – Jules Renard. Through development and proper management, a number of places in the Philippines has the potential to be a top tourist destination, an example of which is Balite Falls located at Amadeo, Cavite.

We therefore conclude that it can greatly affect the local government especially the locals around the area. Proper fund allocation will play a vital role in the development of the area because without money. The plans of expanding and improving will not take place.

As much as revenue is needed, cooperation is also essential because these development plans won’t be implemented without the help of the locals. There is also a lack of promotion about the area and should be payed attention to. In order to live up to its name, “The Hidden Paradise”, the people within the area must embrace change and improvement for the benefit of everyone.

Did you ever feel so tired that you just wanted to get away from everything and breathe in some fresh air? Luckily, we don’t need to ride a ferry or book a flight to experience peacefulness like that of Balite Falls
Balite Falls is located at Amadeo, Cavite, which is roughly 2-hour drive, via public transportation or your private car. Balite Falls is a privately owned resort. Although it can’t be compared to those luxurious vacation clubs outside the Metro, it has a huge potential when it comes to being the top tourist destination in Cavite and near Manila.
Even though Balite Falls is a small waterfall, it doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy being in the site. It has a catch basin which is around 3-feet deep, perfect for children and a cliff which is best for diving in the deepest part of the falls which is 18-feet.

Despite being the perfect spot for the relaxation it doesn’t have a pricey list of accommodations because the entrance fee is just 75php for adults and free for children 6 years old and below. The cottages can be rented for as low as 300php depending on how near it is to the falls. The nearer it is, the cheaper it gets. So the next time you’re stressed, remember that Balite Falls is just a drive away.
Location Map
One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

Almost an hour away to Balite Falls. If the tourists especially those who are coming from Manila who doesn’t want to drive at night they can avail a room here. It is convenient to the tourists because it is near the destination and they can easily access to the other tourist spot around Cavite and Tagaytay.

Cafe Amadeo
• Cafe Amadeo serves the one of the finest coffees that you can find here in the Philippines since Amadeo Cavite is known as the Coffee Capital Of the Philippines.

The major road project was designed to further strengthen the commercial link between Metro Manila and the booming provinces of Cavite, Laguna & Batangas.
Vicinity Map
Historical Background
Balite Falls was discovered back in 2008. It was developed by the local government of Amadeo Cavite. Back then it was a simple falls, half of the land is owned by private owner which they build cottages for their own revenue but the other half of the land is owned by the government. Since 2008 Balite Falls open its door to local and foreign tourists for them to enjoy what the locals called “The Hidden Paradise”. The resort is not a top notch resort yet, but is one of the nearest waterfalls spot for the people of Cavite and those coming from Manila.
• Via Public Transport
• Via Private Transport
1. From Manila (Lawton), take a LRT 1 bound to EDSA station(Pasay) and take a jeep ride going to Coastal Mall Terminal.

2. Take a bus, bound to Trece/Indang(Cavite). Ask the conductor to drop you to Manggahan.

3. Look for the 7-eleven store in front of McDonald’s. Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you to Balite Falls. The Falls is well known so you will never get lost. There’s a road signage outside the place so that you will know if you are near. It’s about 15-20 minutes ride.

4. When you are already there, walk straight to the cemented roads towards the Falls and you will be there in no time.

LRT (Lawton to Edsa) – P15
Jeepney ride to Coastal Mall – P8
Bus ride – P40
Tricycle ride – P30 (per person)
Total = P93

1. From Manila (Lawton), take the route going to South which is at Roxas Blvd., Kalaw, United Nations, Pedro Gil, Quirino, Vito Cruz and Buendia. At Buendia, take Coastal Road by passing to Bacoor, Imus, Dasmarinas. When you reach Dasma, look for Robinson’s Dasma. Take left and straight directions until you reach Manggahan. Look for 7-eleven or McDonald’s, take left and straight directions again until you see the signage of Balite Falls.
Proposed New Developments or Projects
Costing for Proposed New Development
• 2 sets of playground equipments (swings, seesaw) – 20,000
• 4 sets of benches – 30,000
• Fountain – 15,000

Three workers for three days – 34,000
Total = 99,000

General Merchandise Store
• Groceries per month – 40,000
• Life saving equipments (Vest, floating device, goggles,swimsuit) – 30,000
• Manpower
Two employees – 25,000
Total = 95,000

Souvenir shop
• Souvenir items – 15,000
• Manpower – 12,000
Total = 27,000
Tram Cars/Shuttle
• Vehicles – 500,000
• Drivers – 24,000

D. Proposed Improvements on existing Developments
• Tourists might find it difficult to park in the lot because the road is too steep and some certain types of vehicles would have a hard time maneuvering around the place.
• The new parking lot will not only be modern but it will be suitable for different kinds of vehicle so that the visitors wouldn’t have any problems on parking.
• The public restroom is unappealing to the eye as it is not maintained properly
• The guests will be comfortable and be satisfied.
Comfort rooms / Dressing rooms
Parking Scapce
• Since this part of the resort is still underdeveloped it has a great potential to be a place where the children can play.
• This area will be the playground of the children.
• There are certain parts of the stairs that doesn’t have any railings, It could be really dangerous especially if someone is climbing or going down wet.
• Proper railings on the staircase would really make the stairs more safe and it can make the place more attractive.
• The cottages in Balite falls are made up of wood and the roof has a lot of rust.
• Developing the cottages will make the destination more pleasing to the eyes.
• Playground
• General Merchandise Store
• Souvenir shop
• Tram cars/shuttle

SWOT Analysis
A. Addressing of the identified weaknesses currently faced by the destination
A. Strengths
1. Because of a natural attraction, it can easily attract a tourist who wants to get away from their busy lives and to unwind.
2. There’s a particular part of the falls which is shallow enough for children to swim at.
3. The attraction can accommodate a lot of tourist because of the size of the place.

B. Weaknesses
1. The facilities of the site can be a little disappointing because it is not developed.
2. There are only several people who maintain the cleanliness of the area.
3. The site can be dangerous due to the lack of signage, railings, life guards, and life saving equipments.

1. For customer satisfaction, the facilities of the area should be improved.
2. To add to their market and popularity, educational, field trips can be added to raise the awareness of the students.
3. They could put up a website promoting the tourism of their place in order to attract tourist locally and internationally.

D. Threats
1. It is not suitable to go to the place during the monsoon season because the road gets muddy and slippery.
2. The site is not advisable especially for commuters because there isn’t any light post in the area.
3. Since it is near in Tagaytay and Batangas the tourists might find a better attraction.

Certain parts of the destination are underdeveloped and it would not satisfy the tourists.
The management should focus on developing the resort in order to satisfy more tourists.

: The falls has an 18 feet deep part which could be a problem for those who couldn’t swim.
They could put up a sign that indicates how deep that part is and provide life vests.

Maintenance of the area is poor.
They could hire more employees to maintain the cleanliness of the area, put trash bin all over the place to promote segregation.

: There’s not enough signages outside the resort and the tourists might not find it easily.
They could cooperate with the Barangay and the locals to put up more signages and directions outside the destination so that tourist will find it easily.

B. Addressing the threats being faced by the destination
Tourists might find destinations that are more accessible since it is near in Tagaytay and Batangas.
A lot of effort will be needed especially when it comes to promoting the area and this is where the different social networks will come in handy.

The weather in our country is unstable right now and when it rains the water in the falls will get muddy.
: They could put up different kinds of attractions like zip line, etc.
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