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Ecological Footprint

No description

Chisa Umemura

on 13 June 2010

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Transcript of Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint is an estimate of how much land and water is needed to support your lifestyle. includes.... Water Land Gas House/building Ecological Footprint for each countries It also indicates how many Eaths we need.
For Example: If everyone on Earth had the same ecological footprint as a typical (Ireland, 8.2ha/p) Irish We would need..... About 5 Eaths!!!!!! Clothes All AND needed to produce..... Examples: Books
Food Once we know our ecological footprints,
individuals, organizations, and countries
can then know to what extent they need
to engage in more sustainable activities. Many Canadian municipalities are now
using ecological footprints to measure
their progress towards sustainability. Now, the human population and consumption
of resources are increasing.
We have been consuming Earth's resources faster than the
planet can regenerate them. We have to change the way we use Earth's resources.
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