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Self Slides

No description

Jeany Melendez

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Self Slides

Self Slides
Jeany Melendez

"How does your voice fit into these 'conversations'?"
My voice is as important as everyone else's, especially when voicing my opinion in regards to law and politics.
"Where are you in relation to these institutions and concepts?"
Law School: I am determined to learn the application process, as well as get educated by and connected with the appropriate people in order to gain access into the law school/program of my choice.
"How do you see yourself in these places?"
I see myself going above and beyond expectations in these spaces. I see myself going far in life. This is just the beginning of a successful life and career...
Thank You!
Key Concept
Legal Practice and Justice: I am determined and willing to learn what constitutes legal practices and learn how to master them in order to serve justice in today's society.
THE LAW: I am determined to gain entrance in the legal world at some point in life, specifically in civil rights and law.
The PLUS Program: I am determine to gain as much knowledge and experience in order to become successful in almost everything concerning the admission's process of law school.
YOU [ME]: I am determine to discipline myself in law in order to achieve my career goals.
Meeting Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Representing Jamestown Community College in Brussels, Belgium
Appointment as the Director of Inclusion and Equity of the State University of New York Student Assembly (SUNYSA)
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