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The War


Jonathan McGinis

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of The War

The War Trench Warfare is a war tactic in which facing armiesdug deep ditches to protect against enemy fire It made it harder to hit the enemy and made it safer to communicate. www.permanent-revolution.org/polemics.html New Weapons Machine Gun mechanical weapon that shoots bullets over 600 times per minute www.jamiegaines.com/1084/animal-revolution/ Makes it easy to kill more people, and defend no man's land. a chemical weapon used byboth sides in WWI to kill more people www.speedysigns.com/signs/DANGER_Poison_Gas.asp killed people from suffocation and helped the German advance Tanks Large armored vehicles which moves with treads and is equiped with a canon www.vegatransports.com.au/.../clonewars_aat.html Atrition Process of weakening the other army by killing or capturing enemy soldiers goal of both sides in order to win Unrestricted Submarine Warfare A war tactic of sinking ships of any kind, even passenger ships, without warning www.naval-technology.com/.../fremm/fremm9.html One of the main reasons TH united States entered the War No Man's Land area between the trenches that was protected by babed wire and machine guns splinedoctors.com/2009/03/blocking-no-mans-land/ Attributes: flat, open, dangerouse THE END www.lolblog.co.uk/category/star-trek/
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