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The Keys to Alpha Kappa Alpha Protocol

No description

Kena Worthy

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of The Keys to Alpha Kappa Alpha Protocol

Protocol Defined
The rules or conventions of correct behavior on official or ceremonial occasions also the rules of correct or appropriate behavior of a group, organization, or profession. (Webster’s)

The responsibility of ALL members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
-Should coincide with the MIP manual
Candidate vs. Pledgee
Initiated vs. Pledged
Burning sands, sands, line sister,
line numbers, line names, big sister, little sister, back door, tail, paper, and dean of pledgees
are examples of inappropriate terminology.

Code of Ethics: Governance

-Respect and comply with AKA Constitution and Bylaws, Manual of Standard Procedures, Protocol manual, MIP manual, Rituals, other documents

-Remain subject to the Boule and Directorate

-Respect elected/appointed leaders and support them in conducting business

-Maintain integrity in financial matters related to the Sorority.

Protocol for ALL Sorors
The Pledge


The National Song

- You represent the

Official insignia worn by a member
Not worn with formal attire,slacks/pant suits, sports attire, or short.
Must be disposed of properly when a soror is deceased.
Disposal of AKA Materials
Delete files
Shred or burn the following:
- Constitution & Bylaws
- Manual of Standard Procedure
- Rituals
- any other publication of AKA
containing private, confidential
The Keys to
Alpha Kappa Alpha Protocol

Thank you!
Soror Code of Ethics
Uphold a standard that allows its members to serve as role models for young women and girls in the global community, preserve Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. membership as a desirable and honorable affiliation and to protect the sorority from harassment, ridicule, scandal or legal liability.

Code of Ethics: Personal

Present myself publicly in a way that reflects high moral and ethical character of AKA women.

-Demonstrate the high regard we have for each other as women and sorors.

-Work diligently to foster the programs of the Sorority and to participate fully in meetings and conferences.
Code of Ethics: Perpetuity
-Invite for Sorority membership only those community minded women of sufficient high moral and ethical character and scholarship

-Refrain from soliciting advertisements, endorsements and sponsorships that harm the image of the Sorority or those in conflict with its program concerns.
Attire for AKA Events
Conservative, solid ( no embellishment) seasonal white dress or suits with sleeves, white shoes, white or flesh toned hosiery are mandatory.
Membership Intake (MIP)
Chapter Chartering
Ivies Beyond the Wall Memorial Service
Induction of Honorary Members
Other Rituals
Installation of Officers at Boule' & in chapter
Diamond, Golden, Silver Star Inductions
Founders' Day observances & Re-dedication Ceremonies
Business Attire
Pink or Green business for Rush & other Public Events
Chapter Meetings
Conference Business sessions
Not worn by non-members
Indicates membership in the organization
Chapter Members
-sorority documents
-chapter business

Chapter Officers & Cte Chairs
- duties / responsibilities
Official Representation
Regional & International Events
-Chapter Basileus
-International Directorate
Protocol Committee
Greek Titles
Points to Remember
Presented By
~Soror Anissa
~Soror Kimberly
~Soror Kena
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